Monday, October 18, 2021
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Nina Rajcic, artist and tech researcher

Artist and tech researcher
Nina Rajcic is using art to investigate human-computer relationships for her PhD at Monash University’s Faculty of IT

Kelsy Luengen

Dancing cyber criminologist
By day, Kelsy Luengen fights cybercrime. By night, she’s a sequinned superstar of salsa

Sophie Kaelin

Cyber Security Consultant
It’s Sophie Kaelin’s job to ethically hack into web apps and devices to uncover vulnerabilities

Jennifer Halvorsen

Junior Developer
Jennifer Halvorsen’s software skills are helping businesses improve health and environment programs

Kimberly Valenny

President of Women in Tech
Kimberly Valenny is empowering the next gen of women in tech to chase goals and smash stereotypes

Lalitha Polamraju

IT/Arts Undergraduate
IT and Arts undergraduate Lalitha Polamraju is passionate about increasing diversity in technology and STEM

Joseph Sinclair

App Developer/Computer Science Undergrad
Joseph is combining his love of technology with his passion for making the world a better place

Jon Whittle

Computer scientist
Jon Whittle, director of CSIRO’s Data61, says technology is changing how we do traditional science, and digital skills will be crucial

Jennifer Medbury

Cyber Security Lecturer
Jennifer Medbury’s career in intelligence and security has included roles with defence and the police force, now she teaches the next generation at ECU.

Kirsty Penney

Network Design Operative
For Kirsty Penney, a telecommunications traineeship opened the door to a rewarding career connecting Australians with high speed mobile coverage.

Liani Strauss

Client Insights Manager
Liani works as a Client Insights Manager for Faethm AI – an artificial intelligence platform that provides data on the impact of automation.

Katrina Donaghy

CEO & Co-Founder, Civic Ledger
From sociologist to entrepreneur, Katrina Donaghy, CEO and co-founder of Australian blockchain company Civic Ledger, has had a diverse career.

How to launch a tech startup

Launch a tech startup
Fancy being your own boss? If you’ve got an awesome idea, you could totally do an Elon Musk and start a tech biz.

The STEM graduate’s guide to getting a job

You’re almost done with studying. Then what? We hit up Career Success Australia’s Naren Chellappah to walk us through the process

4 STEM + food CVs you need to see

Bonny Rawson - food science
We take a peek at the CVs of four women in food science who are flexing their skills in retail, startups, research and biofuels.