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15 jobs that don’t exist… yet

Future jobs

Skill up on the transferable smarts that’ll land you one of these STEM roles of the future.

What will a job search look like in 2050? No-one knows – but one popular estimate suggests 65% of primary school-aged kids will end up in yet-to-be-created careers. We’re guessing packed with next-gen STEM gigs in cutting-edge fields like Augmented Reality (AR), data analytics, and Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based service roles.

We looked into our digital crystal balls and came up with 15 jobs we think you might find advertised in 30+ years. And yep, all of them require STEM skills!

1. AI Ethicist

The job: Advocate for the ethical and legal matters regarding the creation and distribution of AI-based tech products.
The skills: Must be as into philosophy as robots. Fluency in analytics a plus.
Now hiring: Microsoft, Apple, Google.

2. Self-driving car mechanic

The job: Perform maintenance and repair jobs on autonomous self-driving vehicles.
The skills: Advanced software programming and data management.
Now hiring: Tesla, Porsche, Uber.

If you’re into cars + tech, a car mechanic 2.0 would be goals. Image: Shutterstock

3. Human-technology integration specialist

The job: Collaborate with teachers to create future-focused learning environments that embrace the latest digital learning resources.
The skills: Research, communication, analytics and high-level tech smarts.
Now hiring: Every school in Australia.

4. Telesurgeon

The job: Operate on patients remotely via a surgical robotic system.
The skills: IT, robotics and medicine.
Now hiring: Hospitals – particularly those in regional areas.

5. Personal data broker

The job: Collect personal information about consumers and sell it to other brokers, companies or individuals.
The skills: Data science, ID analytics and sales.
Now hiring: You! Yep, this is generally a freelance-type gig.

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6. 3D-printed chef

The job: A professional cook who whips up meals by programming a 3D printer.
The skills: Programming and software development, but also basic maths smarts because, recipes.
Now hiring: Heinz, Cadbury, Kellogg’s.

Future-focused food jobs will ditch pots and pans in favour of 3D printers. Image: Shutterstock

7. Commercial space pilot

The job: Fly paying customers out into space… just for fun.
The skills: Geography, physics and mechanical aptitude. An interest in astrophysics, a bonus.
Now hiring: Qantas, Virgin, American Airlines.

8. Coding ethicist

The job: Ensuring companies adhere to global computing standards of ethics when creating technologies and their algorithms.
The skills: Coding and being a decent human.
Now hiring: Atlassian, Facebook, Tinder.

9. Human-machine team manager

The job: Develop and manage a system in the workplace where human and AI employees communicate to generate better business outcomes.
The skills: Experience in human resources (HR) and robotics.
Now hiring: The Commonwealth Bank, Spotify, The Iconic.

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10. AR journey builder

The job: Collaborate with tech artists to create immersive 3D content that enhances users’ experience of a product or service.
Think: virtual tours and simulated interior design options.
The skills: Must be able to leverage AI and algorithms with design and usability.
Now hiring: LJ Hooker, Contiki, Ikea.

11. Garbage designer

The job: Deal with the world’s massive waste problem by upcycling rubbish to create better quality items.
The skills: A background in materials science, engineering and industrial design.
Now hiring: Toyota, ASOS, Ray-Ban.

12. Healthcare navigator

The job: Assist families of patients undergoing extensive medical treatment by simplifying paperwork and processes, along with communicating complex medical information.
The skills: Health science and social work. Being a medical role, basic maths – addition, fractions, ratios and algebraic equations – are essential.
Now hiring: Hospitals and private practices.

13. Robot recruiter

The job: Source compatible AI for households, individuals and employers to fulfil requirements like cleaning, cooking, companionship, coffee ordering etc.
The skills: Robotics and customer service.
Now hiring: Big retailers like JB Hi-Fi, Amazon and Myer.

15. Financial wellness coach

The job: Offer customers one-on-one coaching sessions to understand their digital banking options and ultimately improve their financial health.
The skills: Maths, maths and maths.
Now hiring: The Commonwealth Bank, NAB, ING.

This article originally appears in Careers with STEM: Maths 2020.

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