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ICYMI: 180,000 Fee-Free TAFE places are now available

180,000 Fee-Free TAFE courses

Get excited! You could score one of these spots and skill up for the jobs of the future

Just when you thought VET couldn’t get any more amazing, it was announced that 180,000 Fee-Free TAFE places are up for grabs across Australia in 2023. These places will be targeted to priority groups including:

  • First Nations people
  • Young people aged 17-24, job seekers
  • Women facing economic security
  • Unpaid carers
  • Women in non-traditional fields of study
  • People with disability

Through Fee-Free TAFE, you’ll be able to complete an accredited diploma, certificate or short course in high-demand industries that are crying out for skilled workers. These include:

  • Care (aged care, childcare, health care and disability care)
  • Technology and digital
  • Hospitality and tourism
  • Construction
  • Agriculture
  • Sovereign capability

All of these industries require STEM skills, but here’s a list of some of the awesome VET qualifications you can get through Fee-Free TAFE that involve a whole lot of science, tech, engineering and maths:

Each Australian state and territory has its own eligibility requirements. Click on yours below to get all the relevant deets and to find more courses you’d love to study.

Hold up, what is VET?

VET stands for Vocational Education and Training. Its aim is to partner with industries and the government to equip people with workplace skills and technical knowledge to help them start out in their dream career (or advance in it).

To read up on all the benefits of VET, where you can study and what kind of cool STEM jobs you can afterwards, head on over here and be sure to check out our VET hub for tips and insights.

VET + STEM role models

At Careers with STEM, we are all about role models and hearing the study and career stories straight from the people who have lived them. In the below webinar recording, meet three real-life STEM pros who’ve kickstarted alternative study pathways via VET opportunities.

Love a magazine? Order your copy of Careers with STEM: Apprenticeships + Training (the flip cover to Careers with STEM: Engineering) or read it online for free.

Keep up to date with all things STEM study and careers by signing up for the Careers with STEM e-newsletter.

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