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Here are the 25 fastest-growing job titles in Australia

25 fastest-growing job titles

LinkedIn recently dropped their 2023 Jobs on the Rise list, and there’s something about it that’s totally unsurprising

Yep, every single role on the list requires STEM skills! From maths and engineering know-how, to science smarts in health and environment, you’ll need a whole bunch of STEM in your back pocket to secure and succeed in one of these in-demand gigs. Below you’ll find the 25 fastest-growing job titles in Australia over the past five years.

25 fastest-growing job titles in Australia

  1. Technical program manager
  2. Clinical exercise physiologist
  3. Site reliability engineer
  4. Sales development representative
  5. Platform engineer
  6. Growth specialist
  7. Claims adjuster
  8. Machine learning engineer – download our FREE Machine Learning Engineer Job Kit!
  9. Sustainability manager
  10. Enterprise account executive
  11. Cyber security analyst
  12. Crime analyst
  13. Data engineer
  14. Job coach
  15. Cloud engineer
  16. Customer success manager
  17. Client associate
  18. Business development representative
  19. Health assistant
  20. Service desk engineer
  21. Delivery consultant
  22. Cyber security engineer
  23. Finance associate
  24. Product designer
  25. Technology project manager

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Next steps

Have a think about which of these sounds like the right path for you, then head on over to LinkedIn and check out the specific skills associated with your dream gig. Do you have them already? Do you need further training or qualifications? While you’re there, it’s also a good idea to check out what industries require these roles. This is a great way to apply STEM + X – matching up a growing STEM career with an interest, hobby or passion. For example, if you want a data job but are also super keen on all things crime and justice, being a crime analyst could be an awesome study and career path to walk down.

We also recommend staying up-to-date with all thing STEM career related. Signing up to our weekly e-newsletter will do the trick as we bring you updates, insights, study information, graduate options and incredible opportunities in STEM. Unconvinced? Here are five reasons you should sign up to the Careers with STEM e-newsletter.

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