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3 hot degrees for the future

These engineering and IT degrees for the future are your passport to an in-demand career working on the big issues of our time

When you think about the future, do you imagine what our healthcare, transport, retail, finance, and lifestyle experiences will be like? In all of these areas, it’s our future engineering and IT leaders who will help solve problems and create new realities.

Your future could involve finding a co-founder to help you build the next big Australian tech startup, engineering innovative flight components for space travel, or helping deliver the next breakthrough in renewable energy. 

But to get there, you’ll need the training and networks to help propel you to the next level.

Australia’s top-ranked young university, UTS, offers undergrad degrees in three rapidly growing STEM career areas.

#1 Artificial intelligence

The coming AI revolution will transform industries, streamline processes, enhance decision-making, and contribute to solving complex problems. And it will need skilled-up graduates with an eye for ethics to help navigate the road ahead.

Studying the Bachelor of Artificial Intelligence you’ll be at the cutting edge of the latest tech in town. 

Some subjects you’ll cover include:

  • Programming
  • Natural language processing
  • Image processing
  • Mathematics
  • Data analysis
  • Machine learning
  • Ethics

And when you graduate you’ll have the skills for a career as an:

  • AI specialist
  • Machine learning engineer
  • Data scientist
  • Business analyst
  • Software developer
  • Data analyst

#2 Cyber security

Cyber security jobs are set to grow by 33% by 2030, much faster than other careers. And with the increasing frequency and sophistication of cyber attacks, there will be plenty of opportunities for cyber security professionals to put their skills to good use.

A Bachelor of Cybersecurity at UTS will see you studying:

  • Programming
  • Cryptography
  • Database fundamentals
  • Information security management
  • Threat intelligence
  • Incidence response
  • Project management

And when you graduate you’ll have the skills for a career as a:

  • Penetration tester 
  • Digital forensics analyst
  • Security architect
  • Cyber security analyst
  • Network security engineer
  • Information security analyst
  • Incident manager

#3 Renewable energy

The revolution in renewable energy is boosting STEM jobs sky high and studying renewable energy engineering is not just about securing a job; it’s about creating meaningful change in the face of one of the greatest challenges of our time. 

A Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) Renewable Energy will see you studying:

  • Electrical engineering foundations
  • Design of energy-efficient systems and emerging technologies
  • Power system design and grid integration
  • Electric vehicle technologies and battery storage
  • Energy economics and policy
  • Advanced materials for renewables
  • Environmental planning

And when you graduate you’ll have the skills for a career as a:

  • Green energy consultant
  • Power entrepreneur
  • Project manager
  • Business advisor
  • Engineer or Analyst 

You can read more about all of these degrees and the career paths that go with them in Careers with STEM: Future Careers.

This post is brought to you in partnership with the UTS Faculty of Engineering and IT.

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