3 Indigenous STEM scholarships

Indigenous STEM scholarships
Students at the Victorian Indigenous Engineering Winter School for Year 10-12. There are three Indigenous STEM scholarships open now for further study in STEM.

From engineering to health, the right scholarship can give you the tools to power up your career.

Computer science, medicine, or engineering? With so many options, it can be tricky to narrow down your study choices for next year.

But there are some exciting Indigenous STEM scholarships that can help you get you on track and kickstart your career.

“Scholarships provide a gateway in circumstances where financial circumstances can be a barrier,” says Hope Perkins at the The University of Melbourne’s School of Engineering. “Many of the scholarships available lead into internships, graduate positions and employment.”

Below are three opportunities up for grabs.

1. Young Indigenous Women’s Academy

For those looking to become the next Taylah Griffin, the CSIRO’s Young Indigenous Women’s STEM Academy could help you get there.

Open to girls in year 8 and 11, the program supports students from high school right through to when they graduate from uni. One of the coolest things about the program is the range of activities students participate in, from one-on-one tutoring and camps to mentorship and networking opportunities.

After completing their degree, students join the CareerTrackers program to kickstart their career through internships and professional development training.


2. Telstra Technology and Innovation Scholarships

Are you an innovator in the making? Telstra has teamed up with The University of Melbourne to offer scholarships to two first-year uni students in computing and information systems, engineering, sciences, and maths.

The scholarships are open to women and Indigenous students, offering $100,000 over five years. During their masters, students take part in the Telstra Summer Intern Program to get hands-on experience in their chosen field.

“The future of STEM lies in ensuring that the discipline includes diversity of background and thought,” says Kate Stewart, employee experience principal at Telstra. “Engineering and technology have been a feature of Australian life for over 6,600 years.”


3. The Robinson Family Scholarship for Female Indigenous Students

The University of Sydney is offering one Indigenous STEM scholarships to a female Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander student enrolled in any degree at the Faculty of Health Sciences or the University of Sydney Law School.

The scholarship offers $20,000 per year for a maximum of four years and is awarded based on academic merit.


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