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3 reasons to consider a rural health career

Regional and rural areas are crying out for more health workers, and there are a lot of benefits aside from the warm fuzzy feeling you’ll get from helping people in a rural health career

Did you know that around one in four Australians — more than 7 million people — live in a rural or regional area? And like all of us, they need healthcare at various stages of their lives. Unfortunately they have less access to it because of a lack of rural health workers.

We get it, the lure of the big city is real, but rural areas are crying out for more health professionals, and there are big incentives designed for students considering this path, from scholarships to specialised training programs.

Here are just a few of the other benefits of a career in rural health:

#1 Never be bored

Working in rural health usually means you’ll see a wide variety of medical cases, community health issues, and get the chance to practice across multiple specialties, rather than just work in one niche area.

#2 Feel part of a community

Working in a regional area means you’ll be more likely to build ties with a community and form a close bond with patients by gaining a deeper understanding of their needs, making for a greater sense of personal fulfilment.

#3 Have more autonomy and become a leader

Rural health jobs can sometimes come with fewer layers of bureaucracy, so you might get the chance to take on a leadership role, or develop new health initiatives in your community.

A version of this article was originally published in Careers with STEM: Health.

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