5 STEM-themed TikTok accounts worth a follow

Uni student John Dombrowski uses TikTok to share random marine biology facts. Image: TikTok

Science + socials = a match made in STEM.

LOLing along to your mate lip-syncing Disney songs is awesome and all, but so are gene expressions explained via Niki Minaj memes and sea cucumbers dubbed with Willow Smith tracks.

Here, we’ve popped together a list of the best science, tech, engineering and maths accounts to follow (*cough* stalk) on social media’s freshest platform TikTok.

Hit up anything tagged #tiktokscience and consider it homework.

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1. @jc4470 – an American Uni student full of random marine science facts

If you like your daggy dance moves with a side of actually learning stuff, you’ll geek out over Cornell University freshman John Dombrowski’s channel devoted to sharing the weirdest and wackiest marine science facts on the Internet.

With over a million followers, the biology major has been doing his thing for five months and has 300+ videos with can’t-click-away titles like, ‘Largest Newly Discovered Animals’ and ‘Ocean Facts That Will Make You Feel Really Small’.

@jc6470i found myself on google while researching this🌊 #fyp #foryoupage #foryou #ocean #biology #scary #wtf #omg #weird #nature #beach♬ original sound – jc6470


2. @constababble – “TV presenter, #sciencetype #nerd #noob!”

Science-lover and TV personality Lee Constable has been hanging out on Twitter since forever, and offers up awesome commentary on all things STEM (and unashamedly #astrobach). She’s now doing her thing over on Planet TikTok where she’s swapped link-sharing for lypsyncing and retweets for science-themed raps.

@constababbleYep. Still got it. 😉🤓 #beautiful #transformation #beautychallenge #nowlookatme #stillgotit #nerdgirl #beforeafter mattabouttown nadiarussell4♬ Absolutely Anything (feat. Or3o) – CG5

3. @Instituteofhumananatomy – an amazing (but graphic) anatomy video stream

Into clips of amazing – but gory – medical science stuff? The Institute of Human Anatomy is filling our feeds with mini med-school lessons, and we are lapping them up. Among their most-watched videos is the handling of a real-life human brain – yes, really! – which we cannot unsee (or un-follow). Total science candy.

@instituteofhumananatomyTEMPORAL LOBE!! Understanding speech is one of its most important functions. #brain #psychologyfacts #humanfacts #cool♬ original sound – instituteofhumananatomy

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4. @lab_shenanigans –  an insta-famous research tech

Darrion Nguyen – or @lab_shenanigans – has a pretty established social media following. He’s super-smart, into STEM, loves a good meme and always brings the LOLs, and now thanks to TikTok the Baylor College of Medicine Tech is bringing the cool cred to chemistry in mini 15-second clips. Watch him act out how cells respond to viral infections and rope his lab-coat wearing co-workers into a choreographed dance.

@lab_shenaniganshow some cells respond to viral infection 💃🏻♬ original sound – melanie.estes

5. @CareerswithSTEM for career inspo, hacks and LOLs

Yep, we’re now serving up fresh careers news, tips, LOLs, hacks and pathway inspo to the TikTok-verse! Get a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the CwS crew and LOL along as we share the random stuff that goes down in our days. Our most-viewed clip? The sparkly hand-wash hack! 100k views and counting.

@careerswithstem##fyp ##washyourhands♬ Hold On – Moguai,Cheat Codes

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Cassie Steel

Author: Cassie Steel

Cassie is an editor and writer and past digital editor of Careers with STEM, spending her days researching robots and stalking famous scientists.


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