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5 awesome jobs you could get with a health science degree

These careers merge science with improving the lives and wellbeing of others, and all start with a health science degree!

Thinking of studying a health science degree but not sure where it might take you or if it’s really for you? We’re here to help. If you want to combine your love of health and science with helping others, you should definitely explore all the health science study options. And the good news? There are heaps of career paths available, from nutrition to biomedical science and more.

We take a look at five awesome and very different jobs you could get with a health science degree.

1. Public health nutritionist

Public health nutritionists are experts in diet, nutrition and disease prevention. They work to improve the health of a target group or population by developing and managing nutrition and food policy and programs. As a public health nutritionist, you might work for a community or not-for-profit organisation, in local, state or Federal Government or in research.

Nutritionists earn an average salary of $57,072 per year

Start your career here: Bachelor of Nutrition Science

2. Food product developer

Ever wondered who’s responsible for coming up with all the exciting innovation in our food products or the ways we process, store, package and distribute foods? It’s the food product developer! This job involves a lot of designing and testing prototypes, processes and equipment, as well as working with quality assurance teams to make sure food product standards and food safety are maintained.

Food product developers earn an average salary of $64,374 per year

Start your career here: Bachelor of Nutrition Science

3. Forensic scientist

If you binge watch true crime docos on Netflix, you would love being a forensic scientist. Most of a forensic scientist’s work is based in the lab, examining evidence from crimes, such as blood, hair and clothing. They also prepare reports, verify documents and recover data from tech gadgets. Typical employers include the police force and government health departments.

Forensic scientists earn an average salary of $69,378 per year

Start your career here: Bachelor of Biomedical Science

Health science degree

4. Biotechnologist

Do you dream of developing new vaccines, working out solutions for climate change, discovering fuel alternatives or creating ground-breaking cosmetics? You could become a biotechnologist! They study biological processes then find uses for them in areas like medicine, conservation and agriculture. It’s a super exciting health science career, particularly if you want to innovate and create a better future.

Biotechnologists earn an average salary of $56,572 per year

Start your career here: Bachelor of Biomedical Science

Professional experience: Studying a Bachelor of Biomedical Science will set you up to become a brilliant biotechnologist. As part of the course, you’ll complete 80 hours of community engagement and 104 hours of industry immersion!

5. Exercise physiologist

Exercise physiologists are the pros when it comes to health, fitness and understanding the effects and benefits of exercise. They use their extensive knowledge of the human body to come up with exercise programs that assist in managing pain, injuries, disease and disabilities. Where do they work? You can find exercise physiologists in medical centres, hospitals, sports clinics and on sports teams.

Exercise physiologists earn an average salary of $59,203 per year

To start your pathway to becoming an exercise physiologist, you should study: Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science

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This post is brought to you in partnership with Australian Catholic University (ACU). Check out their health science degree and study options here.

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