5 careers clips to get you pumped on STEM pathways

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Planning the stay-at-home school holidays thing? While you can’t make any immediate plans, you might as well plan your pathway

If you’re embarking on another period of stuck-at-home schooling, school holidaying or remote lesson planning, we got you.

Scroll on for our selection of STEM education resources from our Careers with STEM On Demand channel, that’ll clue you up on next-gen careers of the future – and what to study to land them.

1. Future energy careers, explained

Relying on fossil fuels for our energy resources has created huge challenges for our planet, and with Australia’s renewed focus on renewable, clean alternatives, we now need to find ways extract, store and recycle it. The job of a future energy specialist? Find those solutions!

In this webinar, discover how you can secure yourself a sustainable next-gen STEM career in a seriously important – and booming – field! Plus, gain industry insights and tips from real people with and find out how they kickstarted their own unique pathways.

Meet QUT Faculty of Engineering’s Associate Professor Deepak DubalAurecon‘s lead engineer Steven Bondino and PhD student Elaiza Luker.

2. All about apprenticeships

University is great for some, but apprenticeships and traineeships combine the best of both worlds! You get to work on-the-job, learning and earning a wage – and in some cases, the government will even cover your training fees.

Watch our latest webinar to find out more about vocational education and training (VET) opportunities and gain industry insights from real-life STEM professionals who kickstarted their careers as apprentices.

Meet network design operative Kirsty Penney, diesel mechanic apprentice Lucas O’Sullivan and structural draftsman Saverio Vasapollo.

3. Busting engineering stereotypes

As the world recovers from COVID, engineers are literally rebuilding the economy. From protecting the built environment from health and climate risks, to optimising production of food and agriculture, and creating new products and services that future-proof careers in the automation economy, engineers are at the forefront of economic recovery.

In this webinar, discover how you can combine engineering with your passion for anything from agriculture, humanities and health, to robotics, education or conservation to create your dream career. Plus, gain industry insights and tips from real people with jobs at some of the country’s biggest engineering employers.

Meet CBA graduate software engineer Elysee NgAtlassian software engineer Alex Morgan and QUT‘s Sarah Couperthwaite.

4. Suss out cybersecurity

Cyber security is one of the fastest growing industries, with the Australian sector alone expected to grow by 300% by 2026 – and 17,000 new cyber security workers needed in that time. Cyber security is also crucial for keeping our infrastructure and societies safe.

In this webinar, we highlight the diverse and sometimes surprising pathways into cyber security careers, bust myths around what it means and looks like to work in this crucial sector, emphasise the importance of non-technical skills and meet real-life cyber professionals with inspiring career stories.

Meet three peeps with cyber security careers! In our live webinar recording, we chat to James Curran, associate professor of the School of Computer Science at The University of Sydney and director of the Australian Computing AcademyShanis Lovin who works in digital forensics at the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, and Jason Spindlow, a channel systems engineer at Palo Alto Networks.

5. Train up in tech

Tech will transform the way we live and work, and getting skilled up in the future-focused discipline can provide next-gen career pathways into some seriously exciting areas.

In this webinar, discover how you can combine technology with your passion for anything from fashion, humanities and health, to space, education or conservation to create your dream career. Find out how tech is revitalising our regional areas, plus gain industry insights and tips from real people inside some of our biggest tech companies about how to land a job.

Meet Google software engineer Gabie Palado, Atlassian software designer Jodie Clothier and Girl Geek Academy‘s Tammy Butow.

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