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5 citizen science projects to check out

Consider yourself a future scientist? Get involved in these awesome citizen science projects!

Here are just five citizen science projects that you can dip into:

#1 Find an endangered frog

The FrogID app allows users to record frog calls that experts listen to and identify. The aim is to help gather data to help the experts make conservation decisions for Australia’s frogs and to understand their impact on a changing environment.

In seven years, more than 1 million records of 225 different frog species have been verified and made available to scientists, land managers, and the public, thanks to tens of thousands of frog citizen scientists participating in FrogID.

#2 Map koalas

With road collisions involving native animals occurring in record numbers, you can contribute to preventing koala deaths by helping to map the location, points of impact, and cause of death and injury of koalas nationwide. 

Using this citizen data, experts can understand where koalas live, beyond the boundaries of national parks, and can save populations from potential development projects.

#3 Keep an eye out for plants

Visiting your local botanical garden? Break out the ClimateWatch app to monitor and record certain flora and fauna species that you see! 

There are certain trails you can follow in some botanical gardens around the country that prompt you to take photos of plants along the trail for scientists to monitor continuously. The goal for scientists is to understand how temperature and rainfall affect our climate. 

#Look out for water quality 

The CSIRO has a citizen science project that lets people take photos of water bodies to help satellites collect data on water quality. 

The EyeOnWater app allows you to take a photo of the surface of water and match the colour of the water to a chart of colours. The app tells you what the water colour could mean for the quality of the water. 

#5 Snap turtles

TurtleSAT is a project of the 1 million turtles program, which involves recording turtle sightings through your phone. Simply take a photo of a freshwater turtle when you see one and upload it to the app!

There have been over 21,000 sightings recorded, directly saving over 1,500 turtles.

Put your citizen science knowledge to the test by entering this year’s UNSW Bragg Student Prize for Science Writing. The topic for 2024 is ‘Biodiversity and community: Working together to protect the environment’. Learn more at the official competition entry page.

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