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5 quick tips for changing uni preferences

Changing uni preferences

Never fear! We’re here to take the stress out of changing your uni preferences.

In this video, we share five quick tips that will help you out with this process. There are lots of reason why you might want to switch up your uni preferences. Maybe you’ve changed your mind about which course you want to study, a new course has become available, or your favourite option has been cancelled and you need to replace it?

Whatever your reason for changing uni preferences, know that you can and it’s not too complicated once you know how.

Need more resources?

In times like these it’s always good to get across all the info you can. We’ve put together some handy guides and quizzes to help you out.

Super stuck?

Head on over to the UAC website, where they walk you through the process of changing uni preferences step-by-step. They also cover lots of frequently asked questions like ‘What if I don’t get an offer, should I change my preferences?’ and ‘How do I know what courses are still actively selecting applicants after each offer round?’

For more Careers with STEM video, head over to our YouTube channel and subscribe!

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