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5 reasons to sign up to the Careers with STEM e-newsletter

Careers with STEM e-newsletter

Is your inbox hungry for an e-newsletter filled with the latest info on STEM careers? We’ve got just the thing!

Every week, thousands of eyeballs view our exciting and fun to read Careers with STEM e-newsletter. Here’s why you should join them.

1. There’s something for everyone

We like our e-newsletters the same way we like our STEM careers – with lots of options! Whether you’re a high school student, teacher, careers advisor, current uni student, or parent, we’ve got a newsletter just for you.

Careers with STEM e-newsletter

Sign up for…

  • Careers with STEM weekly: jam-packed with all the latest on degrees and VET qualifications, as well as exciting and surprising pathways into STEM, this is perfect for students and careers advisors.
  • Grad options: if you’re looking for career opportunities, graduate programs and postgrad pathways, this one is for you.
  • Careers with STEM: Teachers: are you an educator looking for ways to STEM up your classroom? You need this e-newsletter landing in your inbox!
  • Careers with STEM: Parents: parent of a teen who needs a little help deciding on a future career? This e-newsletter has all the advice to help your child on their study and career journey, as well as links to the latest The Buzz About STEM podcast episodes, created especially for parents.

2. It’s a great way to stay across study and career news – FAST

Time poor? Having the latest STEM study and career news sent to your inbox is an easy way to keep up with what’s going on, whether you’re thinking about life after Year 12, or you’re a careers advisor helping to map out the right pathway for a student, or a parent wanting to arm their teen with all the right info.

Careers with STEM e-newsletter

You’ll hear from us about…

3. You’ll be the first to know about upcoming STEM events and webinars

Subscribe to the Careers with STEM YouTube channel for more awesome webinars

We love STEM events and letting you know when they’re happening! Sign up to the Careers with STEM e-newsletter to be the first to hear about careers fairs and expos, inspiring women in STEM panels, scholarship program info sessions with tech giants like Google, National Science Week events, STEM industry conferences and so much more. We’ll also send info on upcoming webinars in everything from green technology to space, as well as live Q&As with cool scientists like Dr Karl. Feel free to join us from home or your classroom!

4. You’ll get awesome resources sent straight to your inbox

Careers with STEM e-newsletter

Sharing our passion for STEM careers makes us super happy, so expect links to our latest e-magazines, Job Kits (that deep dive into specific STEM careers – think everything from game designers to data scientists) and our First Nations-led teacher resources. We also share tips and tricks on how to get students involved in the UNSW Bragg Student Prize for Science Writing, career video playlists to share in the classroom, and advice on helping students choose electives that’ll set them up for STEM career success after school.

5. We send fun stuff!

Quizzes, videos, surveys, competitions, free downloadable posters, classroom sets, magazines, and even science jokes and maths memes – you’ll find them all in the Careers with STEM e-newsletter. If you haven’t yet, sign up here!

To learn more about Careers with STEM and what we’re all about, head on over here.

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