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5 Signs you should work in cyber security

Cyber security is one of the fastest growing career areas; there are employers all over the world looking to hire people proficient in protecting their data. If you’re interested in working in cyber security, read on…

Working in cyber security, you’ll be a cyber-bodyguard, accessing careers under the cyber security umbrella such as ethical hackers, security architects and engineers, cyber security specialists and cryptographers (using codes to protect information and communication). You’ll have a desire to learn, be super perceptive, totally inquisitive, have good communication skills and an eye for detail. Want to know other signs that set you up as a top cyber security specialist? 

  • You <3 puzzles

You play sudoku, complete Rubik’s Cubes without even trying, and crosswords and finding patterns are your jam. Not only do you enjoy the challenge of solving puzzles – you excel at it. Developing security for data and systems comes with its own unique set of challenges. Coding is just a piece of the cyber security puzzle; coming up with strategies and solving problems are important too. If solving puzzles is your thing, you’ll meet the challenges in cyber security head on! 

  • You want a job straight outta uni

Working in cyber security you’ll find yourself in a rapidly growing career area and it’s only expected to grow in the coming years. Posts for jobs in cyber security have risen three times faster than overall IT jobs, so if you’re looking to start your career straight after study, cyber security is for you. Not having to search around for jobs is a big advantage – and saves time! Not only will it lead to immediate work, it will also lead to job security, with a wide range of industry choices and a high income – that’s only going up!

  • You think analytically and can hold a convo 

No matter who you’re dealing with, you find a way to communicate and integrate with everyone. You’re able to explain your critical thinking and reasoning to a range of people in different terms. Cyber security comms is an essential skill – you’ve gotta be able to convey ideas to people from various backgrounds. These can be technical engineers, non-technical bosses, advertisers or high schoolers! Think: telling staff not to open phishing emails and meeting with different departments for security policy briefings. 

  • You like learning 

Coding languages are evolving all the time, as are technology and industry trends. If you enjoy learning and keeping your skills up-to-date, a gig in cyber security could be for you. The tech field changes rapidly and cyber security in particular employs strategies that are constantly changing with cyber crimes. So if you like to learn on the job, cyber security will keep you honing your skills for years.

  • You’re a detail warrior 

You can spot a flaw a mile away. You don’t just create things, you perfect them. Your attention to detail makes you the perfect cyber-bodyguard of data, with an ability to focus on what matters and strengthen holes in the cyber armour. Working in cyber security, it’s important to uncover vulnerabilities that can be exploited by breaches. It is equally important to detect risks – no matter how big or small – and squash them. Put your keen eye to the test and give a career in cyber security a go.

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