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5 ways to launch your career in nuclear science at ANSTO

ANSTO graduate

Wondering how to turn your nuclear science degree into a job? Check out these 5 awesome graduate opportunities at ANSTO

Nuclear science helps us understand ourselves and our world at an atomic level, and nuclear scientists use this knowledge across a wide range of industries every day, with applications in everything from medicine, to environmental science, materials science and agriculture.

It’s an exciting and cutting-edge STEM field to be in, but you might be wondering exactly how you get from studying nuclear science to actually working in it? 

Here in Australia, we are lucky that ANSTO provides a huge range of opportunities for future scientists and researchers who want to launch a career in nuclear science. 

Based in southern Sydney, ANSTO is Australia’s nuclear science and technology organisation, and it’s where you’ll find the country’s leading scientists using state-of-the-art nuclear tech to find solutions to complex problems, such as treating cancer and responding to climate change. 

If learning and working alongside ANSTO scientists sounds like a dream graduate gig for you, then check out the amazing graduate opportunities available today:

1. ANSTO Graduate Development Program

ANSTO aims to nurture the next generation of Australian graduates and provide strong foundations for exciting and fulfilling careers. ANSTO’s Graduate Development Program is a reputable leadership program focused on providing professional development opportunities and hands-on experience. 

Open for applications now!

Want to find out exactly what this is like? Raya Tasnim, a graduate at ANSTO, walks us through a typical day in the program here.

2. ANSTO Emerging Engineers Program

ANSTO’s Emerging Engineers Program provides an amazing opportunity for graduating students to work alongside some of Australia’s brightest minds as they begin their career in engineering. 

Applications open soon! Register your interest

3. ANSTO Year In Industry Internship Program

Open to penultimate-year students, this one-year program provides industry-based learning for students to apply theory and skills to the workplace and use this experience to enhance the value of their remaining study. 

Applications open soon! Register your interest

4. AINSE Early Career Researcher Grant

This grant of up to $10,000 is for graduates in the first five years of their postdoctoral research career, and can be spent on travel, accommodation, consumables and carer requirements. Eligible applicants must be listed on an approved ANSTO proposal, employed by an AINSE-member institution, and within their first five years (full-time equivalent) of postdoctoral research employment, with allowances made for career breaks.
Open for applications now! 

5. Take part in the AINSE Postgraduate Orientation Week

Interested in applying for an AINSE Honours or Postgraduate scholarship in 2023? Head online for the AINSE Postgraduate Orientation Week, coinciding with the international celebrations of Nuclear Science Week in the third week of October.

Alongside the new 2022 AINSE and ANSTO scholars, you will have the opportunity to participate in talks and panel discussions with ANSTO research leaders and AINSE alumni, and take a virtual tour of ANSTO’s landmark research facilities. AINSE staff will help you kickstart your scholarship application in a specialised workshop focused on application processes for 2023 AINSE awards.

Expressions of interest for the AINSE Postgraduate Orientation Week will open in August 2022. For more information, please visit or email

This post is brought to you in partnership with ANSTO. Find out more about ANSTO’s graduate positions, scholarship opportunities and internships here.

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