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7 ways to celebrate World Space Week

World Space Week

If you’re passionate about all things space, you’ll want to pop on a party hat and follow along with the festivities

The theme for World Space Week 2023 (which runs from October 4 to 10) is space and entrepreneurship, and there are heaps of events taking place all over the planet to celebrate the growing significance of the commercial space industry in space, and the increasing opportunities for space entrepreneurship and new benefits of space developed by space entrepreneurs. One of the goals of this World Space Week? To inspire students worldwide to study STEM and business!

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If you’d like to immerse yourself in all things space for World Space Week and find out more about the cool careers in this area, we’ve got you covered below. Why not share this on your socials or with your friends to help spread the message that space is great?

Kirsten Banks, science communicator and space enthusiast!

1. Find out about surprising space careers

Did you know that there are stacks of space careers you don’t even need to leave Earth to do? And with the Australian Space Agency aiming to create 20,000 more space jobs by 2030, now is a fantastic time to think about how you could use your skills in the cosmos.

You could be a…

  • Security consultant like Dr Jordan Plotnek, who makes sure space hardware can survive serious cyber attacks
  • Space systems engineer like Monique Hollick, who designs daily mission plans, checks the health and performance of satellites and conducts maintenance on ground stations
  • Science communicator like Kirsten Banks, who shares her passion for space and astronomy via radio, TV and public speaking so others can appreciate and understand it better
  • Front-end developer like Ben Tran, who works at Myriota, a space tech startup that lets users receive maintenance updates from things like remote water pumps and wind turbines using sensors that communicate with satellite technology

Discover six more space careers you don’t need to leave Earth for over here. Not enough? Check out our A-Z of space careers, which covers gigs like astrophysicist, robotics engineer, mechanical technician, data scientist and weather analyst.

Oh, and we haven’t forgot about a qualifications! We’ve also taken a galactic deep dive into what you need to study to work in space.

READ: Careers with STEM: Space 2022 – a special eight-page magazine all about space careers, where the sky really is the limit!

2. Listen to Episode 1 of The Buzz About STEM Podcast

QUT PhD student Vanessa Zepeda. Image: Ben Ashmole

In the launch episode of our shiny new podcast, we spoke to Vanessa Zepeda, an astrobiologist at QUT. Hear how a passion for marine biology and microbiology turned into a awesome career in astrobiology – literally looking for life on Mars.

During the episode, Vanessa shares her tips for anyone wanting to jump on a similar study and career path, so don’t miss it! Perfect to pop on while you’re in the car, out for a walk or daydreaming about the future. Listen to Vanessa’s episode here.

3. Download our free Space & Defence Specialist Job Kit

If you want the ultimate sneak peek into the most epic STEM careers, you need to check out our Job Kits.

Inspired by World Space Week and want planets (well, planetary scientists) as colleagues one day? The Space & Defence Specialist Job Kit is a free downloadable eight-page e-mag that will get you across careers in space and defence. Get your copy!

4. Try out some space activities

Get hands on by making your very own black hole and space burrito, visit an observatory near you to learn more about the night sky, take a NASA selfie, and map the starts with handy apps Sky Map and Distant Suns. All the instructions are right over here.

5. Watch Careers with STEM: Space webinar

Wanna know what it’s really like working in space? We went straight to the source for you! Hear from Australia’s leading space experts in the Careers with STEM: Space webinar.

We chat to:

6. Take a space careers trivia quiz

How much do you know about working in space? Take this quiz to find out (and get heaps of space career inspo while you’re at it).

7. Check out official World Space Week events taking place near you

There are two fun World Space Week events happening in Australia, including ‘Exploring the Universe from your Backyard’ in South Australia, and ‘Infinity and Beyond: Humanity and Space’ in Victoria.

In New Zealand? Check out ‘A Global Perspective on Funding for Aerospace Startup Founders’ and ‘Crossing Frontiers – Space Entrepreneurs of New Zealand’, both in Auckland.

Find out more about careers in space by hitting up our STEM + Space careers hub!

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