Downstream’s digital designs innovate architecture

PwC Downstream architectural design

Downstream is the digital design company bringing innovation in architectural design to global office spaces. The company has been operating in Australia for four years, offering redesigns to include productivity enhancement through interactive technology.

Fusing aesthetics with experiential space, Downstream’s redesigns are immersive and endeavour to optimise user control of a digital environment. PwC is the latest company to experience the modernity of Downstream’s interactive office spaces.

“Downstream helped identify the design and technology elements to realise this global vision, and created something previously unseen in Australia,” says Nathan Bell, Downstream Australia’s General Manager.

Some of Downstream’s signature architectural design installations include Media Fountains and the Welcome Walls, as innovative new solutions for guests and staff navigating PwC’s offices. The Welcome Walls act like a digital concierge, streamlining the check-in process and acting as a digital media display when dormant. The Media Fountains act as directional guides with locative information, while simultaneously offering event information and digital media broadcasting.

PwC Downstream architectural design

“Making these signature experiences an authentic part of the architecture and overall client journey was a major design consideration. We want people to experience and connect with them in a direct and meaningful way, and we always try to ensure people have an emotive response to our spaces – that benefits their visit and therefore creates value for the supporting brand”, said Nathan.

Downstream’s architectural design goes beyond tech for tech’s sake. The purpose of the collaboration with PwC is to begin the process of inspiration and innovation within the office space itself. PwC’s custom Waterfall is an architectural statement, spanning four levels of the building to relay digital insights fused with inspiring futurism and beauty.

“The Sydney office also features the Innovation Pool, a digital led space designed to encourage client exploration and interaction in understanding how technology supports solving important problems with both digital and physical artefacts. Each experience has a specific purpose, vision and reason for being.” says Nathan.

The company is also delivering a mobile app to optimise functionality for PwC. The app offers services such as a digital agenda, maps, and events registration, with personalised elements such as saved dietary requirements or auto-recognition check in.


-Eliza Brockwell

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