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9 STEM jobs you can get with a VET qualification

If you know STEM is for you but you’re unsure about uni, have you thought about getting into a VET (vocational education and training) course? In this video, we take a look at nine amazing STEM jobs you can get with a VET qualification. From programmer to mechanic, the study and career paths are varied and wide!

Looking for more info on VET?

Check out our guide to vocational education and training. In it, we look at exactly what VET is, where and what you can study, even more cool STEM jobs you can nab with a VET qualifications, the benefits of this type of study, and whether it’s a better fit for you than university.

STEM jobs you can get with a VET qualification

Hear from some VET graduates!

Wanna hear about some more incredible STEM jobs you can get with a VET qualification? Be inspired by STEM peeps who have walked this path.

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Oh, you want more videos?

Make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel. We have heaps more over there that you can like and share, including webinars, career listicles and interviews with some awesome peeps working in the STEM jobs you dream about having one day!

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