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What it’s like to be a data scientist at Commonwealth Bank

Thinking about studying data science but want a sneak peek into what a day at work would look like? Watch this!

If you’re curious about what a day in the life of a data scientist is like, you’ve found the right video. Asli Yoruk, who works at Commonwealth Bank is Brisbane, walks us through what a typical day of the job, how she became interested in STEM and data science, and why we really need more data scientists!

To find out more about Asli’s cool STEM gig at Commonwealth Bank, read her full study and career story (plus check out her CV) here.

She also stars in our latest issue, Careers with STEM: Maths + Data which you can read below:

(Would you like a print copy? Snap one up at the Careers with STEM shop!)

If you loved finding out what a day in the life of a data scientist is like, be sure to check out our maths and data section, and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more behind-the-scenes in STEM videos.

You might also like to read about two of Asli’s colleagues at Commonwealth Bank who are flexing their maths and data skills in fun and exciting ways.

  • Bilal Takach – he’s a technology graduate that uses code to automate manual tasks for Commonwealth Bank, saving teams hours of time each month
  • Fusun Yu – as a senior analyst, Fusun uses data and analytics skills to help Commonwealth Bank customers affected by natural disasters

Want to find out more about STEM careers at Commonwealth Bank? Head on over to their page in our Top STEM Employers category.

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