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A list of quantum career resources

Quantum careers

Inspired about a career in quantum science and technology? Here are some more resources and information to get you on your way

There are so many pathways into a quantum career. Here are some options for after high school, and beyond!

Undergraduate degrees

Macquarie University
• Bachelor of Science (Physics major)

UNSW Sydney
• Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Quantum Engineering)
• Bachelor of Advanced Science (Honours) (Advanced Physics major)
• Bachelor of Advanced Science (Honours)/Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Advanced Physics major)

University of Sydney
• Bachelor of Liberal Arts and Science (Physics)
• Bachelor of Science (Physics major)
• Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Advanced Studies (Physics major)

• Bachelor of Computing Science (Honours) (Quantum Information Science major)
• Bachelor of Advanced Science (Quantum Technology major) (New in 2023!)
• Bachelor of Science (Physics major) (New!)

Score a scholarship
If you’re studying at one of SQA’s partner universities you can apply for an SQA Undergraduate Research Scholarship and do a six-week project supervised by a leading quantum researcher.

Postgraduate courses
• Master of Science in Quantum Technology, Australian National University
• Master of Research, Macquarie University
• Master of Quantum Technologies, The University of Queensland

Short course
• Quantum Information Processing, The University of Melbourne

Discover more quantum jobs

According to CSIRO data, quantum science and technology have the potential to create 16,000 new jobs and generate $4 billion in annual revenue by 2040. Wondering what your future role might be?

Here’s a list of quantum sector jobs to get you inspired and excited about your future career:

  • Device/Component Engineer
  • Data Scientist
  • DevOps/Database Engineer
  • Software Programmer
  • System Architect/Designer
  • System Assembly/Maintenance Technician
  • Technical Sales/Marketing
  • Test/Measurement Engineer
  • Cryogenics Engineer/Scientist
  • Photonics/Optics Engineer/Scientist
  • Quantum Algorithm Developer
  • Control Systems Engineer
  • Product Sales/Marketing
  • Computational Chemist
  • Theoretical Physicist
  • Experimental Physicist
  • Circuit Designer
  • Applications/Solutions Architect
  • Error Correction Scientist

Check out SQA

Sydney Quantum Academy offers programs for school students, undergrads and postgrads, and can also facilitate internships with industry partners. If you’re considering further studies, there’s also the SQA PhD Scholarship program. Browse the experts section on their website to find mentors and role models. If you’re interested in a career in quantum, hit them up! Head here.

Fill your feed

Get quantum career inspo in your feeds on the daily

Sydney Quantum Academy mainly features quantum experts on its IG grid, so follow them for mentors and career role models.

Meet the meQuanics
Available on Spotify, tune in to this Aussie podcast for regular updates on the latest developments in quantum technologies.

Clear as quantum
This podcast series from the Centre of Excellence for Engineered Quantum Systems features conversations with Australian quantum scientists.

Over on Twitter, Sydney Quantum Academy will keep you up to date with its events, announcements and all things quantum.

Check out the YT channel of Aussie software company Q-CTRL for cool insights into quantum tech.

This article article originally appears in Careers with STEM: Quantum 2022


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