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A-Z of careers in AI

Careers in AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionising the world – and STEM careers

STEM gigs and careers in AI go hand-in-hand! Below, we list common and surprising STEM jobs that all use AI in a wide range of ways, or are behind the scenes developing the power and effectiveness of this incredible tech.

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Careers in AI

A is for AI consultant

An expert in AI that assists companies and businesses in the best ways to use this tech.

B is for business analyst

Uses AI to solve problems, test solutions and deliver insights for organisations.

C is for computer vision engineer

Helps computers to process visual data and recognise objects and people.

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D is for data scientist

Develops algorithms that AI can use to build predictive models.

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E is for ethicist

Specialises in the ethics around AI development and implementation, and studies and identifies issues that may arise.

F is for fraud analyst

Uses fraud detection systems powered by AI to identify patterns and anomalies, which could be potential fraudulent behaviour.

G is for game designer and developer

Employs AI as a tool to make games more challenging and engaging for players. AI can create more realistic game environments and analyse player style to adapt the game accordingly.

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H is for healthcare professional

STEM + health legends can use AI to detect disease and monitor patients’ conditions. It’s also helpful in rehabilitation, physical therapy and surgery settings.

I is for IT professional

IT pros create more secure networks and systems with AI.

J is for jewellery designer

Prompts AI for product ideas, including colour and style options, in the early stages of design process.

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K is for kids speech pathologist

Can employ AI tools to help children with speech disorders or delays.

L is for lawyer

An intellectual property lawyer may deal with legal issues raised by AI, including patents devised by artificial intelligence and copyright protection for original creators.

M is for machine learning engineer

Programmers who build AI systems by providing a machine with data and examples of what it should do so it can learn patterns and complete tasks independently.

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N is for natural language process engineer

Bridges the gap between computers and humans by improving communication between the two.

O is for orthodontist

Uses AI tools for everything from diagnosing patients to keeping track of treatment progress.

P is for programmer

Can employ AI to automate repetitive coding tasks while they focus on decision making and creative aspects of a project.

Q is for quantum artificial intelligence specialist

An expert in merging quantum computing with artificial intelligence to build more advanced AI systems.

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R is for researcher

Explores ethical and legal issues surrounding AI, as well as how AI systems can work with humans and what industries it can benefit.

S is for systems architect

Develops data architecture for AI systems as well as the AI strategy for the business they are working with.

T is for tech entrepreneur

Creates AI algorithms that can assist a range of industries, or builds their very own AI products, tools or apps.

U is for UX designer

Designs interfaces for AI products, programs and apps. Can also use AI in their work to gain insights into user experience, like predicting behaviour.

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V is for vet

Works with AI to diagnose patients, analyse tests results, write up treatment plans and give health recommendations based on species or breed traits.

W is for writer

Science writers and communicators prompt ChatGPT to spark ideas, create summaries or tailor content to specific audiences.

X is for X-ray experts

A.k.a. radiologists! They use AI to help identify patterns in medical images and make assessments.

Y is for youth psychologist

Has AI assist them during sessions to monitor things like patient heart rate and temperature change, and signs of distress.

Z is for zoologist

Uses AI to monitor animal behaviour, track migration and population, and identify species.

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Sarah Eisenmenger

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