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A-Z of engineering and IT at UTS

Engineering and IT at UTS

Everything you need to know…

This is your A-to-Z guide to UTS’s Faculty of Engineering and IT, and why you should study there!

A is for Artificial Intelligence

As a leader in AI research and with its dedicated Bachelor of Artificial Intelligence, UTS is the place to be to master the tech of the future.

B is for backed by industry

UTS engineering and IT courses are co-designed with industry. No outdated theory here!

C is for combined degrees

Combine your passions with a double degree, like a Bachelor of Business / Bachelor of Information Technology!

D is for data analytics

This Bachelor of Information Technology major integrates the mathematical and IT foundations for developing and applying business analytics systems.

E is for employable

Considering engineering? This might help: 95% of engineering students were in full-time employment three years after graduation.

F is for future focused

By May 2024, 172,400 new IT-related jobs are predicted to be created. Studying IT at UTS will give you the skills to work in these jobs.

G is for global opportunities

Study overseas with one of UTS’s 256 exchange partners in over 43 countries and territories.

H is for help where it’s needed

Scholarships in engineering and IT are available for women, Indigenous Australians, athletes and more. Read about them here.

I is for internships

Complete an internship or work at a leading Australian company while you study through the three-year UTS Industry Degree Academy.

J is for join the club

Whether you enjoy programming, cyber security or robotics, UTS has a club for you!

K is for keeping it green

The Engineering and IT building received a 5-star Green Certified Design rating from the Green Building Council of Australia.

L is for Learning Precinct

Access the FEIT Learning Precinct to study, do group work, seek support, and get reference materials and resources.

M is for maths

You don’t need to be a maths whiz to study engineering or IT at UTS, but a good foundation will be handy.

N is for networking and cyber security

Prepare for a cyber security career with a networking and cyber security major.

O is for own your schedule

Find a timetable that works for you with UTS’s day/evening classes, summer school and part-time study options.

P is for prepare for the future

Gain the skills to work in booming sectors like AI, robotics and autonomous vehicles with a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons)!

Q is for quality facilities

A 3D data arena, a ProtoSpace filled with 3D-printing technology, and specced-up labs? What’s not to love!

R is for renewable energy engineering

This major will put you on the path to becoming a power systems engineer, a process engineer, or an electrified transportation engineer!

S is for Software Development Studio

Work on industry-initiated projects and be mentored by industry leaders.

T is for technology

Access digitally equipped classrooms and study spaces with the latest tech.

U is for UTS Startups

This program gives you start-up skills and resources so you can become an entrepreneur!

V is for virtual reality designer

Study a Bachelor of Games Development to gain virtual reality skills that can be used in gaming, engineering, architecture, construction and more.

W is for Women in Engineering and IT (WiEIT)

WiEIT allows women to connect with mentors and industry professionals, and equips them with the skills to be social change agents for gender equity.

X is for X-pand your horizons

The UTS BUILD program will prepare you to be a global leader and active global citizen.

Y is for you’re in safe hands

UTS ranked number one in Australia for computer science & engineering (according to the Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) 2022).

Z is for zero prerequisites

There are no prerequisites for any UTS engineering or IT courses, just assumed knowledge for some!

You can read more about UTS Engineering and IT degrees and the career paths that go with them in Careers with STEM: Future Careers.

This post is brought to you in partnership with the UTS Faculty of Engineering and IT. Header image by Andy Roberts.

Learn more about engineering and IT at UTS:

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