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A – Z of Maths Careers

Interested in maths but confused about where it may take you? Check out our list of careers that need maths skills to succeed!

We’ve got you covered with our A-Z list of all things maths careers – some may surprise you!

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Maths Careers

A is for Astronomer

Astronomy is all about observing and studying celestial objects like stars, planets and galaxies, but helping us understand our universe takes some serious maths skills! 

Read more about women working in the space industry.

B is for Biostatistician 

With stats in the name, you know there is work using numbers. In this career, you need to be able to interpret results, and predict what is going to happen in experiments.

ROLE MODEL: David Lambkin is helping medical researchers

C is for Cryptographer

Making and breaking codes for a living can be almost like being a spy (or you can be a cryptographer for spy agencies if you wanted to). Problem solving is a must in this field.

D is for Data Analyst 

A lot of ‘X’ areas outside of STEM require large sets of data, so if you enjoy breaking down large trends and analysing data – you could do it from anywhere!

ROLE MODEL: Lily Serna is a data analyst and TV presenter!

E is for Epidemiologist

Monitoring and trying to prevent diseases from spreading are skills based in the foundation of maths. It’s important to understand the stats behind those diseases to be able to communicate what’s needed to the public.

ROLE MODEL: Helen Ramsay is a health researcher and epidemiologist

F is for Forecasting system analyst

Using your skills in maths and data, you can apply predictions to critical industries like the energy sector.

Recently, we had Emma Studerus on our Maths + Data Webinar panel, to talk about her career journey.

G is for Graphic Designer

Being able to use ratio relations, knowing shapes that look good to people’s eyes and more is vital for a career in graphic design.

H is for High School Math Teacher

A career in high demand right now, shape the skills of future students by becoming a teacher!

ROLE MODEL: Maths and Science teacher, Zoe Land, started out tutoring

I is for Industrial engineer

If you consider yourself a perfectionist, this might be the path for you! Industrial engineers work to make everything better, from sustainability and safety measures, to cost and time it takes for a project.

ROLE MODEL: Mat Bowtell used 3d printing to help make Toyota cars

J is for Journalist (Data)

When telling stories, it can be really important to use graphs of statistics for public information. That’s why data journalists are specifically trained in how to interpret data and best represent it so others can understand.

K is for Kineticist (in chemistry and physics)

Using complex maths and physics, kineticists work out how objects move. In big machinary or in small kitchen appliances, it’s important to understand what friction points there are and where things can break down.

L is for Lecturer

Maybe high school isn’t your scene? What about becoming a lecturer at university, where you can specialise in any part of mathematics that interests you (plus hopefully research at the same time).

ROLE MODEL: Kate Helmstedt gets to do a lot of interdisciplinary work as a senior lecturer

M is for Market Researcher

Work for some big-name brands in the retail, technology, or health spaces as a market researcher. Use data to understand what consumers need and help make products better!

N is for Nurse

There is no one size fits all for medications or patient care, so as a nurse it is really important to know how to use relations between weight and other body factors when giving patients medication.

ROLE MODEL: Alexander is working to improve the mental health of military patients

O is for Operations Manager

A super versatile career! Wherever there are people working in an organisation, there is someone needed to make sure that everything runs smoothly. From financials, to mail orders, or even big transport!

ROLE MODEL: Jessica Pritchard was working out how to get supplies into Lismore during the floods

P is for Pharmacist

Making sure that people have the right medication dosage is critical here!

ROLE MODEL: Zoe Robinson is passionate about helping others

Q is for Quality Control Inspector

Using trials and switching out variables is all part of the job for a quality control inspector. Wherever products are made and distributed, it’s important to make sure consumers are getting their money’s worth!

R is for Robotics engineer

Robots can be used for almost anything, but they do require a lot of programming, which is where your love of maths comes in!

S is for Surveyor

Surveyors use maths to map out spaces, programming complex algorithms to recreate the space digitally. It can be anything from a future building site, to the entire globe!

T is for Tax Advisor

Taxes can be tricky, and with a lot of things to consider it can be good to consult an expert. Advisors need a strong base in maths, especially when juggling multiple different tax types for different people.

U is for Urban Planner

There is a lot that goes into the planning and making of a city! Especially with challenges considering costs for materials and sustainability.

Read more about what it takes to make a liveable city.

V is for Video Game Designer

Some of your favourite games take a lot of time to develop, trialling and making sure that things look just right can be hard. It’s important have strong skills in dimensional thinking and physics.

Find your creative Maths career

W is for Weather Forecaster

The other term for this career is a meteorologist. Weather forecasters use complex predictions to be able to look into the future and determine what will happen, often using algorithms they develop themselves.

ROLE MODEL: Adam Morgan has a passion for all things, rain hail or shine

X is for X-ray Technician

Another career helping those in need – an x-ray technician helps doctors diagnose what’s going on in the bodies of sick patients.

Y is for Yield Analyst

Chemical reactions aren’t all super efficient — they may not give the right amount of a product every time. That’s why it’s important to have someone to check that producers are making the right amount of stuff in industries such as mining, cosmetics, medicine, and more!

Z is for Zoologist

Maybe you have a passion for endangered animals? It’s important to be able to track the populations of animals both in zoos and in the wild. Knowing how many members of an individual species are out there can help streamline conservation efforts.

Find out your specialist zoology career.

Did you love our A-Z of maths careers?

Mikaela Jade is an entrepreneur and founder of Indigital , an organisation teaching maths and AR skills to tell Indigenous stories. Read her story here.

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