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The A-Z of tech degrees and diplomas

tech degrees

Ais for App development

Bachelor of Information Technology (Mobile Application Development), University of South Australia: Build up specialist skills in creating software – with a focus on mobile apps and platforms.

B is for Blockchain

Diploma of Applied Blockchain, TAFE: Become fluent in one of the most in-demand trends in tech.

C is for Computer science

Bachelor of Computer Science, Monash University: Skill up in all things tech – operating systems, compilers and translators, and hardware.

D is for Digital design

Bachelor of Design in Animation, UTS: Develop design and animation skills working on real client briefs.

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E is for Engineering

Bachelor of Information Technology (Data Engineering), TAFE NSW: Get the smarts you need to build systems, architecture and platforms to support Big Data solutions.

F is for FinTech

Bachelor of Commerce, UNSW: Walk away with the skills necessary to create a career in financial technology!

G is for Game design

Bachelor of Game Design and Development, Macquarie University: Learn how to produce the next gen of popular video games and virtual worlds.

H is for HTML

Bachelor of Digital Media, University of South Australia: Develop the tech knowledge needed for a gig in video and documentary production, animation, visual effects, graphic design or web development.

I is for IT

Bachelor of Information Technology, Charles Darwin University: Kickstart a future in IT with problem solving, creative thinking and communication skills.

J is for Java

Bachelor of Information Technology (Software Development), University of South Australia: Become fluent in Python, Java, Swift and SQL – highly sought-after skills in the local job market.

K is for K-12 tech ed

Bachelor of Education (Technology Secondary), Southern Cross University: You can specialise in teaching IT, digital media, engineering and more.

L is for Law

Bachelor of Information Technologies/Bachelor of Laws (Honours), QUT: Combine law and tech for careers in cyber law, intellectual property, internet regulation, software development and e-commerce.

M is for Machine learning

Bachelor of Computer Science, University of Adelaide: Graduate with sophisticated skills in computer systems, AI and data!

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N is for Network engineering

Bachelor of Information Technology (Cyber and Network Security), TAFE NSW: Get prepped to work as a cyber security specialist!

O is for Operations

Advanced Diploma of Computer Systems Engineering, RMIT: Score the smarts to design, install, validate, evaluate and operate systems.

P is for Programming

Certificate IV in Information Technology (Programming), TAFE SA: Learn to create software
and code in C#.NET, PHP/MySQL, Java and Python.

Q is for Quantum

Master of Quantum Technology, The University of Queensland: Study advanced quantum physics and tech, and do research in experimental labs.

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R is for Reliability engineering

Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Engineering), UNSW: A four-year deep dive into all things computers!

S is for Software engineering

Bachelor of Software Engineering, University of Canberra: Become proficient in a range of areas – including design, coding and software specification.

T is for Tech support

Bachelor of Information Technology, UTS: Designed with industry sponsors, the program develops an understanding of business and tech.

U is for UX design

Bachelor of UX and Web Design, Torrens University: Gain skills in UX, web and front-end design to create interactive experiences for web, mobile, social and custom platforms!

V is for Veterinary technology

Bachelor of Veterinary Technology, The University of Queensland: Get set up
for a career as a next-gen vet – or paraveterinary healthcare specialist.

W is for Web development

Bachelor of Information Technology, Edith Cowan University: Develop skills in web development, data management, cyber security and more.

X is for X-ray technology

Bachelor of Applied Science (Diagnostic Radiography), The University of Sydney: Learn the tech and procedures involved in diagnostic health.

Y is for YouTube

Bachelor of Communication (Digital Media), Deakin University: Create podcasts, blogs, videos and more, while exploring Big Data and analytics, virtual and augmented reality, AI and gamification!

Z is for ZZZZZ

Certificate IV in Sleep Technology, TAFE: Navigate the tech used to help with sleep troubles.

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