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Making hospitals smarter

Young people bring a unique perspective to careers in health technology.

Students at the University of Adelaide are investigating how computer science influences our lives, from health and education systems, to how we support an ageing population.

“Computer science can help health professionals make better decisions in smarter ways and with better results for their patients,” says Associate Professor and Head of the School of Computer Science Katrina Falkner.

One recent project saw the university’s computer science students work with a team of radiologists to build intelligent tutoring systems that could help train radiology students. They also helped build a software system that automatically writes diagnosis reports from radiology machines so patients can quickly get access to results.

Computer science is about being curious and having an open mind, says Katrina.

“Some of our most innovative ideas and applications of technology have come from young people just entering the field. Their imagination, and their own experience in the problems of their communities, makes for a powerful combination.”

–  Rachael Oku

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Author: Breana