Advanced surveillance technology

advanced surveillance technology

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By Laura Boness

Sandra Mau’s first science project was building a rover she saw on a science show.

“I still have that first robot,” she says.

Since then, Sandra has travelled from Canada and the USA to Australia, where she joined NICTA (National ICT Australia) to work on advanced surveillance technology.

With a colleague, she started theadvanced surveillance technology company See-out, which specialises in image recognition.

Sandra was also on a team that took part in GovHack 2014 (above), which brings together coders from all different backgrounds to find new and exciting ways to use public data.

Sandra’s team made a digital card game called AussieMon. Based on Pokémon, the game teaches kids about Australian native animals. AussieMon earned the team second place for Best Overall Digital Humanities Hack.

“There’s creativity as well as logic behind programming,” Sandra says.

“There’s creativity as well as logic behind programming.”

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