Tech support: top tips from 3 STEM grads

Liam Ridgeway - Advice from tech experts
Liam Ridgeway, co-founder and director of NGNY, Indigitek & IndigiGig. Image: Joseph Mayers

Wise words from STEM grads who’ve started from the bottom… and now they’re here!

We love chatting to STEM pros about their study and career journeys. Below, check out some incredible advice from tech experts who’ve started their own biz.

Liam Ridgeway, co-founder and director of NGNY, Indigitek & IndigiGig

Liam Ridgeway has done the startup thing three times – he’s the co-founder of Ngakkan Nyaagu (NGNY) an Aboriginal owned digital agency, Indigitek, an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community of people in tech, and IndigiGig, a startup that finds Indigenous talent in the gig-economy and connects them with corporates.

Top tech tip

“One of the key things about being an entrepreneur is being 100% bought into the idea that you have. You have to be so excited about the thing that you’re doing. And you have to be so resilient about the fact that you’re willing to take it from start-to-finish, no matter what it takes.”

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Miriana Lowrie, 1Centre founder

Advice from tech experts

NZ-based tech founder Miriana Lowrie started 1Centre to help businesses transform their trade credit processes from costly and slow to quick and efficient. She’s also super-passionate about helping more Māori women get their start in the tech industry!

Top tech tip

“The journey of a tech founder is a constant and difficult one, but it’s also infinitely rewarding as both a learning experience and a lifestyle. It’s so easy to get stuck in a rut of doing things the way you’ve always done them, but it’s crucial in business to keep innovating, finding new and better ways to do things.”

Kieran Shirey, managing director and co-founder of LOGiT Australia

Advice from tech expertsLOGiT Australia is an Indigenous business developing commercial software “firsts” in-house, with a focus on the asset management (infrastructure) and engineering industries.

Top tech tip

“Surround yourself with people who share the same values and who’s skills you respect and need to achieve your own dreams in business. It can be a lonely journey so bring the right people along for the ride and you will be in a much better position.”

Need more advice from tech experts? Check out career tips from the coolest women in tech. This story originally appears in Careers with STEM: Technology 2021. 

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