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Agriculture heroes required for new careers

Feeding the world’s growing population will take more than farmers working in regional areas. Agriculture careers are in the city too!

Jim Pratley, Emeritus Professor in Agriculture at Charles Sturt University, is shouting it from the rooftops: we’re on a mission to feed everyone!

Picture this: by 2050, we need to whip up 70% more food than ever before. That’s like breaking all the food records in the history of humankind! Why? Because our global population is headed for 9.3 billion people by 2050.

And forget what you thought about agriculture careers being limited to rural and regional areas. Lots of agriculture jobs can be found in cities, working on the entire system of eco-friendly food production.

“There is a big demand for people with qualifications, not just in agriculture but also in the management of big data, robotics, drones, electronics, IT, engineering related to agriculture, as well as the specialists across the agricultural production systems,” Professor Pratley says.

The planet needs you to join the mission and Charles Sturt is the place to be – agriculture is in its DNA, and it’s ranked #1 in NSW for grads who land jobs. With a Charles Sturt degree in hand, you could be rocking it in agribusiness, biosecurity, or climate adaptation.

And hey, Charles Sturt’s 2000 hectare Global Digital Farm has it all – livestock, crops and cool gadgets! It’s basically an agri-paradise with a history dating back 120 years. You can take an interactive virtual tour of the Wagga farm at:

This profile was brought to you in partnership with Charles Sturt University and a version of it was originally published in Careers with STEM: Science.

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