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Data + AI: Redefining our reality

AI Jobs

AI will be a game changer for humans, so why not be at the forefront?

AI is a powerful tool for crunching huge amounts of data that humans might struggle to analyse. This opens up new opportunities to solve complex problems, be it changing the way healthcare is delivered, engineering new materials and structures, or exploring our universe and beyond, to name a few. With the winning combination of maths and AI skills, you could step into AI jobs where creativity meets computation and the boundaries of possibility are redefined daily.

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Real AI jobs

Data scientist: Dive into the depths of data to extract valuable insights and drive strategic decision making. Use advanced mathematical models and AI algorithms to uncover patterns, trends and correlations that guide businesses and industries forward.

Machine learning engineer: Pioneer the future of AI by developing and deploying sophisticated machine learning algorithms. From natural language processing to computer vision, your expertise in maths and data skills will shape the intelligent systems of tomorrow.

Quantitative analyst: Navigate the intricacies of finance and economics, leveraging mathematical models and statistical techniques to inform investment strategies, risk management and market forecasting.

Operations research analyst: Tackle complex optimisation problems across diverse domains, from logistics and supply chain management to healthcare and telecommunications. Employ mathematical modelling and computational techniques to streamline processes, reduce costs and enhance efficiency.

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Leading employers

Top organisations at the forefront of innovation are actively seeking talent with expertise in maths, data skills and AI.

Atlassian: A leading Australian tech company offering diverse opportunities in AI, data science and software development.

CSIRO: Australia’s national science agency, pioneering research in AI, data analytics and sustainable technologies.

Commonwealth Bank: Explore opportunities in AI and data science within one of Australia’s largest financial institutions.

Data61: A division of CSIRO focused on data science, AI and digital transformation, driving innovation across industries.

UTS: Collaborate with experts in AI and data science through research initiatives and industry partnerships.

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Maths & Data + AI Study

Maths & Data + AI Jobs

  • Data scientist: $67K–$133K
  • Machine learning engineer: $80K–$160K
  • Quantitative analyst: $70K–$150K
  • Operations research analyst: $80K–$160K
  • AI ethics consultant: $90K–$170K

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This article originally appeared in Careers with STEM: Maths & Data 2024.

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