10 signs you’d be an amazing scientist

amazing scientist

10 signs you’d be an amazing scientist

Does this sound like you, or one of your friends?

1. You are the most curious person you know.

2. You can’t stop asking questions – to the frustration of all your friends and family.

3. You’re a chronic daydreamer.

4. You tend to follow your nose – even if it gets you into trouble.

5. You love getting out into nature.

6. If someone offered you a spot on Mars One right now, you’d take it. 

7. You believe anything is possible – because quantum is a thing.

8. You wish chemistry class had more of this.

8. You know a bunch of useless facts about random things.

9. You’ve come up with 10 great ideas today and forgotten them already because there are so many other things to think about.

10. Fidget spinners fascinate you.


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