Creative IT careers; yep, that’s a thing!

Creative IT Careers

Lateral thinking and computer science go hand-in-hand for Alex Hahn.

Brisbane-based tech startup Gazellik focuses on developing “education apps and gamified tools for enjoyable learning experiences,” says Alex, the company’s CEO and founding director. “It’s a wonderful and creative career path!”

Alex started her business with friends after a double degree in business and fine arts, followed by a postgraduate specialisation in digital technologies and games design, at QUT.

“QUT was the only uni that offered a business and creative degree all in one,” she says. “I’m really glad I did the double degree – it put me ahead of a lot of people when I graduated.”

Alex’s varied education means she brings multiple skills to Gazellik. “As an app designer, I work with an animator and a programmer with experience in games and software engineering,” she says. “I also run the business side of things, and do all the marketing and advertising.”

Alex believes strongly that creativity plays a crucial role in CS. “These days, businesses are looking for creative minds to tackle new problems in all industries,” she says.



What’s your creative STEM career?


The name ‘Gazellik’ comes from a Dutch word ‘gezellig’ – describing positive feelings shared with others – and the animation term ‘IK’, or inverse kinetics, which is a process used for characters’ limb control in a virtual world.

Fittingly, Alex and her team are currently developing an app to encourage school students to consider CS and IT careers as an exciting career path.

“It’s designed to give kids the message that computer science can be whatever you want it to be,” she says.

– Sarah Keenihan

TO GET THERE: Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Fine Arts, QUT
Heather Curry

Author: Heather Curry