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Get the job: 3 ANSTO scientists chat STEM careers

How do you get a cool gig in nuclear medicine? We asked three STEM pros just that!

In this video, ANSTO scientists share their study and career pathways, what they do in their 9-5, plus their advice for anyone who wants to work in this space one day.

We chat to:

  • Nigel Lengkeek, senior radiochemist – hear more from Nigel in the Careers with STEM: Science and Space webinar on February 23. Register here. P.S. It’s free!
  • Leena Hogan, radioisotopes and irradiations manager
  • Erin Smyth, graduate engineer

Wanna be an ANSTO scientist?

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For more science + ANSTO reads, check out the latest issue of Careers with STEM: Science. It’s available as an e-mag, so be sure to share it with your friends and classmates!

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