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Paige Brown is on track for an exciting career in cybersecurity.

The whole field of cybersecurity is fascinating,” says Paige Brown, 19, who is studying a Bachelor of Software Engineering and a Bachelor of Criminology at the Australian National University in Canberra. She wants to pursue a career in cybersecurity and work on the Holy Grail of cyber safety: how to make hack-proof computer systems.

“I want to look at how we can develop and write code to build safer programs to stop people from hacking in,” Paige says. “It is a set of skills that you can take to any industry both in Australia and overseas.”

She says stereotypes of male software engineers who never leave their desk couldn’t be further from the truth. “There is a diverse range of people studying software engineering at ANU.”

Her advice? “Imagining what skills will be in demand in the future is a really important part of planning your degree. Although it’s unusual, when I tell people about my double degree they can always see the future growth.”

– Susan Hely

TO GET THERE: Bachelor of Software Engineering and Bachelor of Criminology, ANU
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