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By Lynnette Hoffman

Transport trouble inspired a group of ANU students to create a convenient app that can now be found in the pockets of tens of thousands of Canberra residents.

The daily dilemma of whether to wait at the bus stop outside his home or walk 15 minutes to the interchange drove ANU student Zakaria Bouguettaya, then in his final year of software engineering, to make an app to show where buses are in real time.

Zak and a team of fellow students offered their proof of concept to the ACT government, free of charge, but it was refused.

Months later, the government announced a $12.5 million budget for a similar app, which was contracted to a European company.

Undeterred, Zak and a fellow ANU CS student Andrew Clapham launched their MyBus 2.0 app anyway.

As the story spread, so did interest in their business: Imagine Team Solutions.

“MyBus 2.0 has over 58,000 active users in Canberra, which is astonishing considering the population is only about 380,000,” says Zak. “We’ve now built over 65 apps.”



“We’ve now built over 65 apps.”

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