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Protect your country with these jobs

Image: Anzac Day

Inspired by ceremonies and marches across Australia this Anzac day? Arming yourself with numeracy knowledge could be key to career success in defence and security this Anzac day.

Feel like a challenge? The defence industry needs mathematics graduates to work across a huge range of exciting careers all across Australia – and we don’t mean just the forces.

If you want exposure to the latest in secure tech, check out these examples of security-based jobs that are screaming out for maths and data-skilled people.

Australian Defence Force

People working in the Australian defence and security use mathematical research methods to analyse data. They also use modelling and simulating solutions to help the Australian Defence Force (ADF) make informed decisions about national security. When the ADF needs answers, each team member steps up to research, problem-solve and find the answers to issues on the rise. Think recruits, office management, police.

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Data is all around us – our social posts, search history, online purchases, music and entertainment preferences leave a stream of data that forms our digital footprint. So cybersecurity specialists work everywhere. AustCyber says there are more than 52 career
cybersecurity space. Think banks, schools, health jobs.

Brisbane hosts the annual Anzac Day parade. Here a proud navy officer matches in front of his fellow men.
Image: Shutterstock. Brisbane hosts the annual Anzac Day parade. Here a proud navy officer matches in front of his fellow men.

Australian Navy

The Australian Navy’s maritime capability relies on acquisitions in fleet, firepower and auxiliaries – so, what are the most efficient combinations it can buy, given Australia’s naval missions and fields of operation? That’s a job that requires skills in maths. Answering a battalion of ‘what-if’ questions is rewarding work for maths-minded peeps. Think: specialised roles within the defence force.

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Online Shopping

Ecommerce relies on big data analysis and math modelling to gather info on customers and their shopping habits. To keep all that on the down-low and completely confidential, ecommerce services are now relying on data scientists to bring their in-depth cybersecurity knowledge to build maths-based solutions to protect the data, and keep the information that is stored secure. Think: retail, entertainment, food delivery.

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