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Applied psychology

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Australians are living longer than ever before but experiencing a growing burden of diseases such as chronic illness and mental health problems.

Other large-scale issues – like the impact of climate change or terrorism – mean that many people also feel anxious, frightened, sad or helpless.

Today’s psychology graduates need the knowledge and skills to respond to society’s changing health landscape. To do this, professional psychologists are focusing more on early intervention and prevention.

Australian College of Applied Psychology (ACAP) professor Lynne Harris says psychologists are using tech-savvy solutions like apps, telehealth and online mental health platforms to deliver expert services to hard to reach groups like young and remote people.

“ACAP have a strong online learning presence that allows students to interact with academic staff and each other, regardless of location,” says Lynne.

Students can also attend seminars where academic staff present research findings on areas of innovation within psychology, such as how the rise of artificial intelligence will affect the industry and practitioners.

Lynne says ACAP graduates are well equipped to pursue careers in psychology – and beyond. “We want our students to be fully prepped for the future.”

– Karen Keast

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Applied Psychology

“We want all our students to be fully prepared for the future.”

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