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Major in tomorrow with AI

Artificial intelligence at UWA

Forget worrying about robots stealing your job – build a career in artificial intelligence (AI) and you’ll be in high demand at the cutting edge of tech.

Want to gain skills that will set you up for the future of work? In a 2020 LinkedIn report on emerging jobs in Australia, every single one of the top five jobs featured skills in automation or AI.

To build a career in AI, studying a general computer science (CS) degree is an obvious choice – but there is also an increasing number of dedicated AI degrees and majors that will see you graduate with targeted skills in this hot field of tech. For example, the Bachelor of Advanced Computer Science (BACS) at The University of Western Australia (UWA) has an option for undergrads to major in AI.

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Tech + philosophy

RACHEL CARDELL-OLIVER - artificial intelligence at UWA
Associate Professor Rachel Cardell-Oliver, Head of Computer Science and Software Engineering at UWA.

According to Associate Professor Rachel Cardell-Oliver, Head of Computer Science and Software Engineering at UWA, students who choose the AI major will not only study fundamental CS (think databases, programming and networks), but also cool AI-specific topics such as philosophy and ethics, machine learning and natural language processing.

“BACS AI graduates will be prepared to go into startups and cutting-edge AI companies or continue building their expertise through research at UWA,” says Rachel, who is a UWA alumnus herself.

Hashim, who is currently enrolled in the BACS course, says he chose UWA because it is one of Australia’s only leading universities offering an AI major with an Honours degree in Computer Science.

“I really like the units about philosophy and ethics and the use of AI and modern technologies. Students should learn about the dangers of technology if not used ethically,” he says.

Rachel says AI has the power to achieve new insights and change the way we work, and that there is a surge of interest in AI in a huge range of fields, including astronomy, medicine, business and the environment.

“Graduates of BACS AI have the opportunity to make a real difference in the world, and to do so at an early stage in their career,” she says.

This article is brought to you in partnership with UWA and originally appears in Careers with STEM: Technology 2021. Find our more about UWA’s artificial intelligence course here.

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