How a maths degree could lead you to a career with ASIO

Ever dreamt of working on top-secret projects to protect national security? A maths degree could lead to careers with the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO), a government body that exists to protect Australians from serious threats to security.

Bec says choosing a career path seemed daunting when she was at high school, but she knew it was likely to involve maths. “I was pretty good at maths and there were a lot of career options for someone with an interest in statistics,” she says. So Bec studied a degree in mathematical sciences majoring in statistics, and then completed an Honours in mathematics. “I found that I really enjoyed the practical application of mathematics.”

Bec successfully applied for the ASIO Future Technologist Graduate Program, a 12-month work placement and development program based at ASIO’s Canberra headquarters. “At the beginning of the program, I was excited but also anxious as I had no idea what to expect,” she says.

However Bec found it both inviting and friendly, and what she was doing fascinating and diverse. “I performed data analysis, investigated and researched solutions to common intelligence questions using machine learning, and more recently, conducted forensic media analysis” says Bec.

“I have had visibility of how my work has contributed towards helping others. Moving to Canberra to join ASIO has been a massive step, but it is one that I know will give me a rewarding career,” she says.

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