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Atlassian creates software that makes teamwork fun and easy, using the perfect mix of people and ideas

Whether tackling a large project or tracking multiple to-do lists, Atlassian’s software products are making teamwork fun and easy. But it’s not just about making collaboration run smoothly for other companies. Atlassian’s own culture is team-driven and diverse, where the brightest minds work together to create software that is easy for everyone to use.

“We have this ethos that the ‘lone genius’ doesn’t exist,” says Aubrey Blanche, Atlassian’s global head of diversity and inclusion.

“We focus on building teams that are both high-performing and diverse, which makes it a fun place to work!”

Aubrey says Atlassian looks for viewpoints or backgrounds that are missing from the mix when considering candidates and all job ads emphasise skills over experience.

“One thing I love about my job is encouraging diversity at a company that already has the value system for it,” she says.

In Australia, Atlassian has been striving to overcome gender imbalance, an issue that continues to challenge the tech industry.

Atlassian also invests time in creating a sense of community and belonging for female employees, such as arranging coffee dates with randomly assigned co-workers.

“Working on a diverse team with all ages and backgrounds is important because we are designing products that everyone can use,” says software developer Fraser Cobb (pictured here with Andrea Olrich). “We come up with the best solutions when we approach a problem from different angles.”

For staff who are itching to work on an idea they’re passionate about, Atlassian runs an event called ShipIt. The projects can be anything from making pages load faster in Atlassian’s software, to coming up with a new storage solution for employee’s bikes.

Andrea Olrich, a graduate software developer, took part in ShipIt during her first week at Atlassian. In 24 hours, her team built a clever sidebar that shows personal activity across Atlassian products, such as issues spotted on bug-tracking software JIRA.

“We presented our project to the entire Sydney office,” Andrea says. “I learnt the things you can create in a group are far better than those you create on your own.”

– Gemma Conroy 

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