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Unleash your potential with an Atlassian internship

Aditi Venkatesh - Atlassian internships

Want to kickstart your career while you’re still at uni? An Atlassian internship is your opportunity.

Real-world experience in your final year at uni can help you smash those last subjects. It could even lead to a full-time graduate position at one of the fastest-growing tech companies in the world.

As an Atlassian intern, you can spend 12 weeks working for the Australian tech company part-time, or during your summer break – specialising in software development, security, data and analytics, and more. You can also take time out for community work through the Atlassian Foundation. One team of volunteers tailored the Trello platform for Black Duck Foods’ Indigenous grain network!

“Whatever your interests, there’s something for you at Atlassian,” says Melbourne-based associate product manager intern Aditi Venkatesh. Aditi is working as an intern part-time while finishing a Bachelor of Commerce and Computer Science at Monash University.

Product managers combine technical and non-technical skills to analyse customers’ needs, identify market opportunities and collaborate with other teams on projects. This fits perfectly with Aditi’s skills and interests. “I’ve done quite a few technical internships, but I’ve been looking for that one cross-functional role,” she says.

Aditi’s path

  • Bachelor of Commerce and Computer Science, Monash University
  • Summer Trainee Engineering Program Intern (Next Billion Users), Google
  • Data Scientist, WhyHive
  • Product Manager Intern (Ecosystem Platform), Atlassian

Empowering journey

Sarah Tan - Atlassian internships
Sarah Tan, software developer intern at Atlassian.

Sydney-based software developer intern Sarah Tan, a Bachelor of Science (Computer Science) University of New South Wales grad, has enjoyed the opportunity to find projects she’s interested in and feel like she’s making a real impact.

“It’s empowering. It makes you feel like your work matters and the results are important,” Sarah says.

As well as honing her coding skills, Sarah has also had the chance to dabble in software engineering – by learning about the architecture of software solutions.

Sarah’s path

  • Bachelor of Science (Computer Science), UNSW
  • Co-founder, Exolution (student-led startup)
  • Software Developer Intern, IBM
  • Software Developer Intern, Atlassian

Leadership in action

Ashley Harris - Atlassian internships
Ashley Harris, associate product manager at Atlassian.

New Zealand-based Ashley Harris started his associate product manager internship with Atlassian while studying a Bachelor of Science (Computer Science and Statistics) at The University of Auckland.

“It’s a unique opportunity to launch your career. You’re given a huge amount of responsibility,” Ashley says.

Ashley worked on the project management tools Trello, Confluence and Jira during his internship, and now works part-time as an associate product manager.

“I get to work with different types of people in different teams, doing a variety of cool stuff,” he says.

Ashley’s path

  • Bachelor of Science (Computer Science and Statistics), The University of Auckland
  • Analytics Advisory Intern, EY
  • Teaching Assistant, The University of Auckland
  • Associate Product Manager, Atlassian

Remote, but connected

Oliver Pope - Atlassian internships
Oliver Pope, software developer intern at Atlassian.

Perth-based software developer intern Oliver (Oli) Pope says working from home as an intern during COVID-19 had its challenges initially, but he felt supported by the wider team. As many of his experienced colleagues were based in Sydney, he decided to start work earlier to have a larger crossover with the team. The bonus was, with the time difference, he had afternoons off!

Oli completed two internships with Atlassian, one in the final summer break of his Bachelor of Science (Computer Software Engineering), at Curtin University, and the second during his final year.

“I started with changes to ‘readme’ files and then worked my way up to complex tickets and running my own project,” he says.

Oli’s top tip is to set career goals for your internship.

“Talk to your manager or team leader and they can help you get there,” he says.

Oli’s path

  • Bachelor of Science (Computer Software Engineering), Curtin University
  • Summer Internship, Atlassian
  • Associate Software Engineer, VGW (online gaming)
  • Software Developer Intern, Atlassian

Find your groove, or keep exploring!

Aditi, Sarah and Oli all had their internships extended after the 12-week program and will transition into full-time roles in Atlassian’s graduate program in the coming months.

“It’s definitely confirmed product management is what I want to do,” says Aditi. While Oli says he is keen to explore a range of skills at Atlassian. “Keep an open mind on where you want to end up. Have some fun and try different things if you’re unsure.”

Surprising skills

Coding and tech skills are important, but Atlassian interns learn so much more. Here are some you might not have expected:

• Problem-solving. “Great ideas solve clearly defined problems,” says Ashley.

• Documentation. “In the real world, explaining your code really matters,” says Sarah.

• Teamwork. “We work with legal, privacy and security teams to make sure our releases are safe” says Aditi.

• Learning from feedback. “I presented my design to the team, got feedback and made some adjustments,” says Oli.

This article is brought to you in partnership with Atlassian and originally appears in Careers with STEM: Technology 2021.

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