5 things tech-giant Atlassian looks for in new recruits

Man with magnifying glass honing in on single figurine represents hiring staff looking to fill Atlassian jobs

If you’re worried about starting a degree studying soon-to-be-outdated technology, we’ve got good news. Employers these days have got their eyes on soft skills; skills that don’t require the qualification stamp of approval, but are instead a little more in tune with your personality.

Tech-giants like Atlassian are leading the charge in this forward-thinking workplace mentality, and have come up with 5 desirable qualities for their future candidates in Atlassian jobs. Can you count any of these among your skillset?


1. Learning agility

If the idea of learning a new programming language, or picking up a new cooking skill over the weekend doesn’t scare you, then congratulations. You might be fluent in learning agility.

The importance of learning agility is born out of the reality of ever-evolving technology. Employers don’t want to know if you’ve learned a programming language, they want to know if you can pick up a new one next year too, if need be.

“We want to hire folks that really can demonstrate their ability to learn new technology, keep up with new technology, adapt with new technology as it’s emerging, and of course their ability to solve problems,” says Zak Islam, Head of Jira Platform & Projects Engineering at Atlassian.

2. Passion

This one is all about longevity. Hiring guns for Atlassian jobs know that people who are passionate about coding are going to:

A. Do a better job at whatever they’re tasked with, and not just stop at the bare minimum.

B. Get creative with their code.

And C. Stick around with the company for years if they’re offered enough long-term growth opportunities.

So, if you’re passionate about coding, make sure your future employer knows it. Demonstrating an interest in coding clubs, joining recreational programming events like robotics tournaments, or building websites in your spare time is going to look great on your resume.

3. Collaboration, collaboration, collaboration

Atlassian is a huge company. They’ve got over 3,000 people employed in Atlassian jobs across nine different offices around the world, and they’re generating over $800 million in revenue every year.

You don’t achieve massive numbers like those without collaboration and teamwork. Even Atlassian’s founders had to learn to work together to get this once-humble startup off the ground – they even had to share a $30,000 salary in its early years!

4. Empathy for the end user

To be a better coder, it’s a good idea to start looking at how your product is received once it leaves your hands and ends up in the pockets of your end user.

Are they using your product often? Are they experiencing glitches? Does this product solve a genuine need for the user? Is it frustrating/ugly/useless? It’s not enough to write great code, you need to make sure that your product serves a purpose – and does it without failure.

“We’d rather hire developers who take the time to deeply analyze their team’s code and ensure that it is flawless before releasing it. If you’ve spent a lot of time working in a Test Driven Development (TDD) environment, you’ll likely be a good fit, as it shows the attention to detail we strive for,” says Andrew.

5. Authenticity

Whether that’s in your code, or the way you conduct yourself in your team, authenticity is all about living up to your own core values.

Atlassian is not alone in developing a set of core values. It’s a good way to tell if a company is going to be a good, long-term fit for you, and also tells you what you can bring to the company.

Read the full interview with Atlassian’s Christian Macolino, Recruiting Lead, Engineering; Zak Islam, Head of Jira Platform & Projects Engineering; and Andrew Mountney, Talent Acquisitions Site Lead (Sydney) here.

Eliza Brockwell

Author: Eliza Brockwell

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