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Places to launch a lit space career in Australia and NZ

Set your sights sky-high! The space industry in Australian and New Zealand is seriously taking off. Look into the following employers…

1. Square Kilometre Array

Wanna work on the world’s largest telescope? The Square Kilometre Array (SKA) will probe back to when stars and galaxies were born. Around 130,000 radio antennas are being built for SKA in Western Australia from 2021, with lots of jobs to fill. Think: science, computing, engineering and public outreach.

2. Rocket Lab

New Zealander Peter Beck founded Rocket Lab to remove the barriers to space. Rocket Lab offers various internship opportunities in the US and New Zealand, and the company is always on the lookout for technicians and engineers, as well as a host of other roles.

3. Gilmour Space

Using its innovative rocket and mobile launch tech, Gilmour Space wants to send commercial satellites from Queensland into low-Earth orbit by 2022. Careers at Gilmour Space include software developers, propulsion engineers and mechanical technician.

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4. Dawn Aerospace

Dawn Aerospace
Dawn Aerospace is developing more environmentally friendly space transportation technology.

Located in Christchurch, Dawn Aerospace is developing more environmentally friendly space transportation technology. Various tech skills are required to bring the company’s vision of mass space transportation to reality, and the company offers internship opportunities in The Netherlands and NZ.

5. Mission Control Centre

Based in Adelaide at the Australian Space Agency’s headquarters, the new Mission Control Centre will be the first professional control centre in the world to use machine learning and 3D gaming technology in day-to-day spaceflight operations. Roles will range from project manager to mission control and flight director.

This article originally appears in Careers with STEM: Tech 2020.

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