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Australia needs more maths teachers – could you be one?

Maths teachers

Here’s why you should consider a STEM + education career path

Finishing school with basic maths skills is something many people take for granted, but without these skills we wouldn’t be able to handle many of the things we do every day, like managing our time or cooking a meal. And it’s maths teachers who can make all the difference!

Do I have all the information I need to understand this? What don’t I know? What should I ask? How can I find the information I’m missing? What other factors should I consider?

These are all questions maths teachers encourage students to ask, and they’re questions you get used to asking when you learn maths.

While maths is a core subject in high school for most Australian students, there’s a critical shortage of maths teachers. To help address this, some schools and state governments provide incentives and bonuses.

So, if helping people and being in high demand are important to you, then a career as a maths teacher could be calling your name. 

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Take your pick

Maths teacher

Work with secondary school students at different levels of maths to inspire them in STEM.

Maths tutor

Choose your own hours by working as a contractor, choosing clients from a wide range of backgrounds and making a real difference.

Numeracy teacher

Work in the vocational education and training (VET) sector to teach students studying trades the numbers they need to succeed.

Maths lecturer

Take your maths skills to the next level and join a university, inspiring maths students keen to make the next maths breakthrough.

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Global stage

If you’re interested in teaching but also want to travel, you’re in luck! Maths teachers are in demand not just in Australia, but around the world. And some international schools will even provide free accommodation or pay you an allowance for somewhere to live. 

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Maths & Data + Education + Study

  • Bachelor of Mathematics Education, University of Wollongong
  • Bachelor of Education (Secondary) (Mathematics Education), Edith Cowan University
  • Bachelor of Mathematics / Bachelor of Education (Secondary), The University of Queensland

Maths & Data + Education + Jobs

  • Maths teacher (secondary school): $63K–$104K
  • Maths tutor: $49K–$74K
  • Maths lecturer (university): $57K–$117K

Salaries sourced from and

This article originally appeared in Careers with STEM: Maths & Data 2024.

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