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Defence careers in AI and robotics

Staying ahead of the technology game is critical for Defence and skills in tech like AI and robotics could give you the cutting edge Forget teaching Fido to sit, stay and fetch – the Army has mind control for its robotic dogs. Two sergeants recently tested some tech developed by the University of Technology Sydney […]

Fantastic careers in finance

Careers in finance

Maths and money go hand in hand. Here’s the lowdown on the best careers in finance Over half a million people work in Australia’s financial and insurance services industry, and that number is growing. Many finance jobs don’t even require you to have a degree – about a quarter of the workforce have a VET […]

Kickstart a career in digital ethics

Digital ethics

Ethical AI researchers are on the path to making our AI technologies more responsible With great innovation comes great responsibility. Splitting the atom was an incredible breakthrough, but it also led to the atomic bomb. Technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and robotics are developing at a rapid pace, so it’s important to step […]