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5 myths about getting girls into engineering busted

Getting girls into engineering means making it more accessible, seeing it as a ‘creative’, ‘fulfilling’ and ‘exciting’ career area and busting myths about seeing engineering, physics and maths as ‘hard and challenging’, according to new research. “Findings from the government’s STEM equity monitor and Engineers Australia research are a call for swift political action to stem the gender […]

Help your child’s career choice

From choosing school electives to ongoing study, work experience and career options, helping your child find their study path puts a lot more on your to-do list as a busy parent. But, as their number-one influencer when it comes to career choice, it’s on us to best set them up for the workforce. Careers with […]

5 top digital skills in demand by employers RN and how to get them

With 3.7 million Australians needing training in digital skills in just the next year to keep up with the pace of change, it can be hard to know which of the digital skills in demand by employers right now are the ones you need. So we’ve listed the top five most in demand skills – […]