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Ready for a sea change? Marine careers in Defence

It’s an exciting time for Australian ships and submarines, with plenty of in-demand careers on offer Whether designing submarines and warships or keeping weapons, propulsion systems and information systems fighting fit, there are heaps of ways to put STEM skills to work in a marine career within Defence. There’s something for everyone, from IT to […]

Secure positions – Defence careers in quantum technology

From secure positioning and navigation systems to magnetic camouflage for tanks, Australian Defence scientists are leading the quantum charge Over the next decade, the Defence Science and Technology Group (DSTG) will spend $1.2 billion to develop quantum technology in applications such as sensing, navigation and communications as a priority area of their Next Generation Technologies […]

Into maths and drones? Put your skills to work in mining

A worker uses a drone on a construction site

Miners and builders are awash with data, meaning they’re on the hunt for talented data science graduates to make sense of it all Mining and construction are two of Australia’s biggest industries. There is a huge amount of data and maths involved in them, and skilled grads are needed! From drone surveys to sensor data, […]