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Saying you’d like to work in IT is like saying you want to work with computers… You’re not really saying much of anything.

That’s the beauty of a degree in Advanced Computing from the University of Sydney; you’ll be learning the fundamental skills that underpin hundreds of different career options.

You’ll choose between four main majors that ground your study: Computer Science, Information Systems, Software Development or Computational Data Science.

They might sound unassuming, but these majors are jam-packed with the skills you’ll need to pursue a career in games development, forensic computer analysis, programming or big data – just to name a few.

Unlike most IT degrees, a Bachelor of Advanced Computing will also allow you to go beyond these fundamental computing units.

“You can complete a second major, combining your passion for computing with one of more than one hundred cross-disciplinary majors,” says Professor David Lowe, Associate Dean of Education at the University of Sydney.

“You can connect a set of skills across computer programming with marketing, for example, so you can design and build applications, or software development and geography so you can build geographic information systems.”

Matthew Phang Ming Hao is a first-year student in the degree, and he’s currently mulling over his  options for his second major. Maths and Music are at the top of his list.

“I enjoy both maths and music, but I know that I want to graduate and go into IT,” says Matthew.

“By doing a second major outside of computing, I get the best of both worlds: I’ll still be learning the necessary skills for my IT career, but I can still learn about my interests as well.”

Maths or music not your jam? You could choose to major in Art History, Biology, Cultural Studies, Design or Education just to name a few options. Or, like Matthew, you can start the course without specialising and decide later.

Flexibility in tertiary study is becoming incredibly valuable. Tomorrow’s careers will rely on a mix of specialist knowledge and cutting-edge tech skills, or else they’re on the automation chopping block.

In fact, 70% of young people today are entering the workforce in jobs that will be affected by automation.

The Bachelor of Advanced Computing delivers both skill sets, offering you the chance to indulge your interests and maximise your employability. Plus, the University of Sydney boasts the title of delivering the most employable students in Australia, and is ranked the 5th most sought-after university by employers worldwide.

With impressive qualifications like these, what kinds of jobs await you?

“The possibilities are endless with career options spanning software architecture, cyber security, information and communication technology services or the next game-changing start-up,” says Professor Lowe.


This article is brought to you in partnership with the University of Sydney.

University of Sydney, Bachelor of Advanced Computing; Matthew Phang Ming Hao standing in front of Sydney Uni.

“By doing a second major outside of computing, I get the best of both worlds: I’ll still be learning the necessary skills for my IT career, but I can still learn about my interests as well.”

– Matthew Phang Ming Hao
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