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Be innovative!

be innovative

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Be innovative

Get the skills to succeed in tomorrow’s careers

The 21st century has been described as the century of ideas, and has included technological changes that are the biggest, most disruptive and fastest moving shifts that humankind has experienced. Considering what subjects to study and the careers that may follow can be exciting and daunting. On the one hand, this is a world of endless possibilities, yet on the other hand, so many options can be confusing.

Regardless of the path you choose, some skills are universal and lifelong. Maths provides essential problem-solving skills that each of us can use every day. In my own career, I find myself continually circling back to data and numbers, and not only in terms of dollars and cents. Data and numbers empower me to make smarter decisions. They allow me to make sense of what our customers want and need. They help keep me informed so I can be a better leader. I studied maths in high school and continued throughout university. I must admit it was challenging at times! But looking back, including maths in my studies was a good decision, one that has helped me in all of the varied roles in my career.

At Commonwealth Bank, we believe in the future of young Australians. We have a strong legacy of creating and running programs and initiatives that support your financial wellbeing; from our in-school award-winning Start Smart program to the School Banking savings program with Dollarmites, and our hub for parents and students, The Beanstalk.

We also believe maths is an enabler of endless opportunities. It is a crucial part of a prosperous and successful Australia. I hope you enjoy exploring these opportunities and find inspiration in the following pages.

 – Vittoria Shortt

Group Executive, Group Marketing and Strategy

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“Regardless of the path you choose, some skills are universal and lifelong.”


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