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Here are the best technology workplaces in 2024

Best workplaces in technology

If you’re thinking about life after you wrap up your STEM qualification, check this list!

Great Place to Work recently revealed the best workplaces in technology in Australia – which one do you see yourself at?

50+ awesome tech companies to work for

Micro (10-29 employees)

  1. Gridware 
  2. triSearch 
  3. Katana1 
  4. Catalytic IT 
  5. Sensible Business Solutions 
  6. vNEXT 
  7. Causeis 
  8. SalesFix 
  9. Work Perfect 
  10. Virtu

Learn more about these best workplaces in technology here.

Small (30-99 employees)

  1. Macquarie Cloud Services 
  2. Pendula 
  4. Kasada 
  5. Displayr 
  6. ProQuest Consulting 
  7. iComm Australia 
  8. RES. Business IT 
  9. XAM Consulting 
  10. UpGuard 
  11. intelia 
  12. TechForce Services 
  13. ROLLER 
  14. Kallipr 
  15. Luminary 
  16. Otto IT 
  17. Airlock Digital 
  18. SentinelOne 
  19. iVolve Technology 
  20. Ansarada

Learn more about these best workplaces in technology here.

Medium (100-999 employees) + large (1000+ employees)

  1. Cisco 
  2. Adobe 
  3. Atlassian 
  4. InfoTrack 
  5. REA Group 
  6. Mantel Group 
  7. DiUS 
  8. Insight 
  9. Mastercard Australia 
  10. Prospa 
  11. Uber Australia
  12. Intuit Quickbooks 
  13. ServiceNow 
  14. Smokeball 
  15. X-Team 
  16. Protecht Group Services 
  17. CrowdStrike 
  18. BGL Corporate Solutions
  19. Tecala Group 
  20. AirTrunk 
  21. carsales
  22. Data#3 
  23. Rimini Street, ANZ 
  24. Lab3 
  25. Experian

Learn more about these best workplaces in technology here.

Keen on a career in tech?

Check out our latest issue of Careers with STEM: Technology! In it, we look back on how technology careers have changed in the past decade, and how they will evolve in the next 10 years.

This issue is also heavy on AI, as it permeates our everyday lives. We look at how students can tap into this and other rapidly growing fields, combining their passion for ethics, helping people, or creating beautiful things – with tech skills – to find a rewarding and successful career.

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