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engineering projects

Considering engineering? Here is some fun stuff you can do to get you started from our list of engineering projects. Go to Mars with a rover simulator, or try a building app that tests the strength of your structures against all weather conditions. Get involved with any of our engineering projects listed and you might even make some friends along the way.

Dig In:

Geotechnical engineers understand how soil and rocks behave and ensure building foundations are secure.

Challenge: Use clay and chocolate to get a rock-solid grounding in engineering in these activities.

Build Apps:

Structural engineers look at the construction of a building to check that the structure will stay upright and can withstand outside factors, such as wind, vibration and even earthquakes.

Challenge: Use building blocks to try out 3D shapes against these factors – or try out the Bridge Construction Simulator app on Google Play or the App Store.

Go to space:

Aerospace engineers work on spacecraft and aircraft.

Challenge: You can drive the robot rovers at The Mars Lab from the comfort of your own computer. These cool creations were built by University of Sydney engineers to mimic the rovers exploring the Red Planet!

engineering projects

Create new materials:

Materials engineers make sure the different materials are the right ones for the
job. Building materials all behave differently under pressure and strain, and temperatures and humidity.

Challenge: Measure and cut several 10cm squares of different materials. Record the effects of moisture, heat and pressure on each. Read about amazing sustainable materials used in making wetsuits in this story:

Be cyber secure:

Cyber safety is a massive growth area as systems engineers work to help people and organisations protect against smarter and more dangerous system hacks.

Challenge: Join 20,000 students who gained cybersecurity skills online through the CBA and UNSW’s open learning course:

Mechanise the future:

Mechatronics engineers work on automation or robotics.

Challenge: Go to YouTube to learn more about this or meet 5 amazing robots

Get code skills:

Computer engineers are essential for any business using computers and software. Hardware engineers design the components for computers, while software engineers develop the programs
to run on those computers.

Challenge: Learn to code for free via Code.Org or

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